Shellmont Shores is the fourth chapter in Skylanders: Imaginators. It is a popular tourist destination that is being ravaged by a brain storm unleashed by the Everlasting Thinking Cap. Jet-Vac and the Skylanders come here to stop the brain storm from destroying the Shores.


  • Shut Down the Brain Storm
  • Get the Key
  • Get to the Top of the Brain Storm

Areas to Find

  • Lonely Cove
  • Blobbers' House
  • Sandy Shores
  • The Kelp Forest
  • Upper Spire
  • Heart of the Vortex
  • Top of the Vortex

New Enemies

Soul Gems

Sensei Shrines

  • Knight
  • Bowslinger


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Cradle of Creation - Mushroom River - Scholarville - Shellmont Shores - Sky Fortress - Fizzland
The Golden Arcade - Dragon Temple - Abandoned Amusement Park - The Lair of Kaos
Sensei Elemental Realms
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Additional Levels
Battle Arena - Rat Kingdom - The Battleship - Calamity City/Trouble Town
Mausoleum of Madness/Danger Dungeon - Battlefield Blitz/Operation: More War

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