“Now we're going to see who's the best sheep wrangler! The winning driver must collect the most sheep and return them to their pens. Yee-haw!”

Sheep Wrangler is a challenge in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. In the event, four Skylanders will race each other collecting sheep and returning them to their pens just as Pandergast said. The racers can shoot each other to make them drop their sheep so that they can collect them. The one who saves the most sheep wins.

The maximum amount of sheep a racer can hold is ten. After they collect ten, their vehicle will start glowing green. Once this happens, they have ten seconds to return the sheep to the pens, otherwise all the sheep will fall off the vehicle.

Types of sheep

  • Regular sheep: Will stay in one place. Worth one point.
  • Bomb sheep: Will explode in five seconds upon pickup. Worth one point.
  • Golden sheep: Rare throughout the race. Worth five points.
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