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“HA! A Skylander eh?! Prepare to meet your sheepy doom!”
    —Sheep Mage

The Sheep Mage is an evil wizard who is specialized in using magic related to sheep. He is the main antagonist of the Sheep Wreck Island adventure pack. His brother is the Chompy Mage.[1]


The Sheep Mage uses the magic of his Sheep Staff to perform his powers. With it, he can create portals and transform into an enormous sheep monster with small horns. He can also turn others into sheep as well.

In his sheep form, the Sheep Mage can fly, as well as inhale a large amount of air to suck the Skylander and surrounding enemies towards him for a short time.


Seeing his fellow sheep being mistreated and pushed around by the inhabitants of Skylands, the Sheep Mage rallied the sheep on Sheep Wreck Island and planned on leading them on an assault to spread their 'sheepdom' throughout the Skylands as revenge. He soon discovered Flynn, who inadvertently eavesdropped on the plot, and turned the Mabu into a sheep before beginning to put his plan into motion. The Sheep Mage encountered the Skylanders on the Island, who arrived to stop his evil plan, and attempted to halt their progress as they navigated through the area. Despite using his Sheep Staff that made him all-powerful, he was eventually defeated by the Skylanders with the assistance of Blind Beard. With the magic of the Sheep Staff gone, Flynn is turned back into a Mabu.

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  • The Sheep Mage shares some qualities to his brother, the Chompy Mage: both can transform into larger versions of the animals they represent, both are mages, and both have puppets on their left hands.
    • Both of their animal forms share the ability to blow and suck the Skylander towards them.
  • In the 3DS version of Swap Force, the Sheep Mage's sheep form is called the Vortex Monster and his wizard form is never shown; and it is possibly not the same villain.
  • There is a glitch where the Sheep Mage will not be defeated, even when his health bar is empty and disappears. If this happens the player must restart the level.
  • He is voiced by Cam Clarke, who also voiced Blobbers, Mab Lobs, and Smoke Scream.
  • He is similar to Tim from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • His name was later used in the concept art for the Woolly Wizards in Skylanders: Imaginators, altough they have no official name, using a fan name instead.
  • Both him and Cluck are introduced at the starting of the level, rather than before being fought like every other enemy/boss.
  • Sheep Mages staff is a weapon for Sorcerer Imaginators, Titled "Shepherd Staff".


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