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“He's baaaaad news!”
    —Villain Vault

Sheep Creep is a sheep who is one of the Life villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. According to Buzz, he was originally sent to Cloudcracker Prison for leading a unlucky sheep rebellion. He was found in Soda Springs, and is notably the first villain to be fought and captured, despite his rapid fire cork guns.

In Skylanders: Battlecast, Sheep Creep is used by Buzz as a sparring opponent in the Skylanders Academy section in the Second Dimension. He is one of the only enemies without character spells other than his Special Ability, but compensates with a lot of health.


Unlike other sheep, Sheep Creep isn't one who looks at clouds all day. He is even willing to lead other woolly warriors on several rebellions (many of them ending in failures).


Sheep Creep may be an ordinary sheep, but he packs a corkshooter, which he uses to fire a stream of corks. He can also unleash a woolly explosion.


Commercial Quotes

  • "Baaa... Baaaa!" (It is I... Sheep Creep!) - Sheep Creep's Meet the Villains video
  • "Baaaa." (I'm baaad.)
  • "Baaaaaa." (Very BAAAAD.)
  • "Baaaa? Baaaa?! Baaa Baaa BAAAAAAAA!" (Uh oh? A TRAP!? Now that's BAAAAAD!)
  • "Baaaa." (This is BAAAD.)

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Sheep Creep's theme is Kentucky Traveler, currently unavaliable in APM Music.

Character Trailer


Official Skylanders Trap Team "Meet the Villains Sheep Creep" Trailer



  • Sheep Creep is one of the few trappable villains who doesn't talk (others include Grinnade, Chompy, Bone Chompy, and Buzzer Beak).
    • Of these, Sheep Creep is the only one to have no enemy counterparts besides Brock's Arena challenges.
  • The term 'sheep creep' is used to describe a purposefully constructed gap in the base of a drystone wall commonly topped with a granite lintel. 
  • His evolved coloration is a reference to the "black sheep" phrase.
  • His villain quest is a reference to Angry Birds, hence the name "Mildly Irritated Sheep", and the mechanics used to launch Sheep Creep against familiar structures.
  • According to Gumbus, Sheep Creep is the bravest among sheep who, in legend, would lead his fellow sheep to victory against the oppressive buffalo.
  • He and the Dream Sheep are the only known sheep to have colored irises in their eyes.
  • Out of all of the villains to who cannot talk, Sheep Creep is the only villain whose enemy counterparts cannot be defeated in one hit.
  • He, Chomp Chest, and Kaos have longer timers than other villains.
  • His standard enemy counterparts only exist in "A Fight to Remember" from Brock's Rumble Clubhouse.
  • His appearance is similar to the Digimon, Sheepmon.
  • He could possibly be inspired by Toasty, a sheep boss from the first Spyro the Dragon game that also had no real powers of his own but decided to stand up against the protagonist with weaponry.