Sheep(ball) Dreams is the eleventh episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


Dreamcatcher gets amnesia, giving the Skylanders a chance to bring her back to the Academy and prevent her from returning to her evil ways.


Dreamcatcher is confronted by Strykore's spirit inside her own Dream Realm, where he offers her directions of Kaossandra's castle. When Dreamcatcher wakes up, she immediately discloses Strykore's visitation to the Doom Raiders of where she'll be spearheading their travel to the secluded castle. Golden Queen has no intention of sharing their triumph with the unfamiliar Strykore, so they plan to double-cross him once they arrive at the castle. Their journey takes them through rough thunderstorms, but Dreamcather continues to travel at a fast pace that causes her to get separated from the Doom Raiders after hitting an oncoming helicopter. The chopper lands, where the pilot, Stealth Elf, inspects the damage. Stealth Elf realizes she crashed into Dreamcatcher. As she prepares for attack, she becomes confused when Dreamcatcher cowers behind Stealth Elf after hearing her spot a villain.

Dreamcatcher is brought at the Library where Master Eon and the Skylanders realize she suffered amnesia after getting hit. Eon sees the opportunity of converting Dreamcatcher into a Skylander once more, and tasks the Skylanders to have Dreamcatcher socialize with the cadets, though still being cautious of her. In her path for rehabilitation, Eruptor reluctantly accepts Dreamcatcher's request to join the sheepball games. 

At the stadium, Eruptor becomes frustrated as another practice of the Sheep Herders team quickly results terribly. Dreamcatcher makes an impression on Eruptor when she performs an excellent pass of the sheepball to him, eventually having her as an official member.

Kaos indulges a great bonding moment with his mother at his lair as they finish reading a comic book. Sadly, Kaossandra has to resume her work in the Meditation Chamber. Though Kaos understands, he wishes to somehow assist her in her work. Kaossandra insists that by giving up his power is enough and has made her regain her trust in her son. As a reward, she invites Kaos for dinner at her castle to finally give Kaos the "important conversation".

The Sheep Herders face their first official match against a team of Greebles. The cadets completely ignore letting Dreamcatcher of having the sheepball, causing them to be easily outmatched by their opponents. During half-time, Eruptor scolds his team for their exclusion of Dreamcatcher in the game. The cadets are still traumatized after Dreamcatcher invaded their dreams. Dreamcatcher overhears this, and asks if she has mind powers as she cannot recall inflicting such a terrible event. Nevertheless, Dreamcatcher makes a statement that she faithfully wants to join the fight with them. The cadets finally apologize for their mistrust and allow Dreamcatcher to play with the team. The tables are turned, as Dreamcatcher plays a vital part in the team's first ever victory in their match against the greebles.

At night, Dreamcatcher is brought to her dream realm where she gets another visit from an angered Strykore that frightens her, claiming she has betrayed him and vows to punish her. Dreamcatcher wakes up crying and confused as she explains her nightmare to a comforting Stealth Elf. Meanwhile, Golden Queen ponders of Dreamcatcher's fate until she catches a newspaper image showing her with the Skylanders. Golden Queen prepares the Doom Raiders to retake Dreamcatcher and force her to join them again.

The Sheep Herders' victories has led them to face off against their most hated rivals: The Mabu University Millenials team. After Master Eon finishes his speech, Stealth Elf consults him about Dreamcatcher's nightmare of being visited by a presence known as Strykore. Master Eon inisists it to be nothing more than a nightmare, though Stealth Elf notices his master's hesitation. During the middle of the game, the Doom Raiders disrupt the match. Dreamcatcher is then caught on the crosshairs of which side tells the truth of who she is, as both sides believes she is either a Doom Raider or a Skylander. Eon tries one last attempt to persuade her, begging that she is integral, but Golden Queen knows it's because he fears the name of Strykore, of which Stealth Elf realizes Eon lied of not knowing who Strykore is.

A battle erupts as both Skylanders and Doom Raiders try to get their hands on Dreamcatcher. Eventually, Golden Queen manages to catch her and hurriedly has the Doom Raiders escape. In a last ditch effort to unhand Dreamcatcher, Eruptor makes an excellent throw of a sheepball at the clustered Doom Raiders. As a result however, Dreamcatcher falls down hard at the ground. The impact cures her amnesia and unfortunately brings her back to her evil ways, regardless with her experience with the Skylanders. Dreamcatcher returns to her evil adversaries as they resume their travel to the castle. Master Eon orders an urgent counter-attack and they hurry back to the Library for a plan. However, Spyro is asked to stay by Stealth Elf, who then reveals to him her discovery of Eon's lies about not knowing Strykore. This makes her conclude that Eon may be withholding secrets including about Spyro's ancestry from not only Spyro, but to the team.

Kaos and Kaossandra finally get together for their dinner. Before they feast, Kaossandra brings up the important conversation that answers the questions of the origin of Kaos's powers and his birth mark. Kaossandra prepares also to give Kaos his powers but is interrupted by a knock on the door. When Kaossandra opens it, Golden Queen manages to turn her into solid gold. Kaos confronts the Doom Raiders, but realizes that he lacks his powers. The castle is forcefully taken, Kaos and Glumshanks become prisoners, and Golden Queen orders the search for Strykore in the castle in order to be removed from Golden Queen's path to dominating the Skylands.

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  • Because of Dreamcatcher's amnesia, Stealth Elf and the other Skylanders learn about Strykore's existence.
  • The Doom Raiders make their way to Kaossandra's Castle through the help of Strykore, before Kaossandra can tell Kaos the truth about their family.


  • Stealth Elf mentions a species called Sky Deer.
  • Bad Breath's skin is mentioned to be furry.
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