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This article is about the hub world of Ring of Heroes. You may be looking for the first level in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

The Shattered Islands are the location of the story mode in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Made up of islands dragged through Rifts by Kaos' out of control magic and existing locations in Skylands affected by the disaster, the archipelago was taken over by various villains and needs to be traversed to discover the location of the Book of Dark Magic.

In a different dimension, Kaos used the power of Petrified Darkness to subjugate the islands instead, turning them into the dangerous lairs of the Dark Doom Raiders.



Challenge Areas



  • Like the Second Dimension, each island is themed after an element, with the exception of Sky Island and the challenge areas.
  • In the game's final release, the Realm of Souls and Mirage Tower were removed from the main map, and added to a challenge menu.
    • The Distorted Dimensions' icon was also changed to reflect the outside of the location, rather than the labyrinths that reside in the rifts.