“An unstoppable driving force!”
    —Vehicle Collection

The Shark Tank is the signature vehicle of Shark Shooter Terrafin. The Shark Tank is an unstoppable driving force when Terrafin is at the helm. Containing subterranean navigation, all-terrain teeth tread, and enchanted battle armor, it is primed and ready to take the bite to Kaos!


Performance Mods

  • Geode Grinders
  • Double-Treaded Tracks
  • Turbo Slick Belts
  • Shark Teeth Biters

Specialty Mods

  • Subterrain Glider
  • Gravel Hopper Boosts
  • Double-Fin Diver
  • Terra Fin

Horn Options

  • Quarry Clang
  • Bedrock Bop
  • Sand Shark Alarm
  • Terrain Trumpet

Character Trailers

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  • One of the Shark Tank's speciality mods shares the name of its signature driver.
  • The Shark Tank shares the same name as a television show called Shark Tank, as well as the equipment used to hold sharks in aquariums.
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Thump Truck - Shark Tank
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