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The Senseis are a team of Skylanders introduced in Skylanders: Imaginators. The Sensei Skylanders are masters of each different fighting styles and secret battle techniques. For many years, it had been their mission to explore the furthest reaches of Skylands, searching for potential heroes to train in the fight against evil. However, with Kaos unleashing Mind Magic to create villainous DoomlandersMaster Eon has summoned the Senseis to return and lead a new generation of heroes into battle – the Imaginators.


Senseis help train Imaginators by offering a range of benefits, including unlocking Imaginator parts, providing access to special areas in the game, and well as bestowing Secret Techniques across the Battle Classes. Senseis also have their own unique benefits, including the extraordinary ability to unleash Sky-Chi – the ultimate Battle Class super move. Regular Senseis are identified by having armor or accessories with a black and gold color scheme, as well as having the title of Master.

Some Doom Raiders and other notorious villains from Cloudcracker Prison became part of the Skylander Senseis after agreeing to teach Imaginators their formidable battle skills and steering clear of a life of crime.

Senseis are also the only characters that can unlock Sensei Shrines and activate Battle Gongs, by extension being the only ones able to take on Battle Gong challenges. Additionally, one of each element is required to unlock the Sensei Elemental Realms in the M.A.P.

List of Senseis

Master Senseis

Sensei Element Battle Class
Air Strike Icon.png Air Strike
Egg Bomber Air Strike Icon.png Egg Bomber Air Strike
Air Brawler
Ambush Icon.png Ambush Life Knight
Aurora Icon.png Aurora
Solar Flare Aurora Icon.png Solar Flare Aurora
Light Swashbuckler
Barbella Icon.png Barbella Earth Sentinel
Boom Bloom Icon.png Boom Bloom Life Ninja
Buckshot Icon.png Buckshot Magic Bowslinger
Chain Reaction Icon.png Chain Reaction Tech Swashbuckler
Chopscotch Icon.png Chopscotch
Candy-Coated Chopscotch Icon.png Candy-Coated Chopscotch
Undead Smasher
Ember Icon.png Ember Fire Sentinel
Flare Wolf Icon.png Flare Wolf
Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf Icon.png Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf
Fire Bazooker
King Pen Icon.png King Pen
Dark King Pen Icon.png Dark King Pen
Water Brawler
Mysticat Icon.png Mysticat Magic Sorcerer
Pit Boss Icon.png Pit Boss
Legendary Pit Boss Icon.png Legendary Pit Boss
Undead Sorcerer
Ro-Bow Icon.png Ro-Bow Tech Bowslinger
Starcast Icon.png Starcast Dark Ninja
Tidepool Icon.png Tidepool Water Quickshot
Tri-Tip Icon.png Tri-Tip
Legendary Tri-Tip Icon.png Legendary Tri-Tip
Earth Smasher
Wild Storm Icon.png Wild Storm Air Knight

Villain Senseis

Sensei Element Battle Class
Bad Juju Icon.png Bad Juju
Mystical Bad Juju Icon.png Mystical Bad Juju
Air Swashbuckler
Blaster-Tron Icon.png Blaster-Tron Light Knight
Chompy Mage Icon.png Chompy Mage
Jingle Bell Chompy Mage Icon.png Jingle Bell Chompy Mage
Life Bazooker
Dr. Krankcase Icon.png Dr. Krankcase Tech Quickshot
Golden Queen Icon.png Golden Queen
Dark Golden Queen Icon.png Dark Golden Queen
Earth Sorcerer
Grave Clobber Icon.png Grave Clobber Water Brawler
Hood Sickle Icon.png Hood Sickle
Steel Plated Hood Sickle Icon.png Steel Plated Hood Sickle
Dark Sentinel
Kaos Icon.png Kaos Kaos Kaos
Pain-Yatta Icon.png Pain-Yatta Magic Smasher
Tae Kwon Crow Icon.png Tae Kwon Crow
Mystical Tae Kwon Crow Icon.png Mystical Tae Kwon Crow
Fire Ninja
Wolfgang Icon.png Wolfgang
Dark Wolfgang Icon.png Dark Wolfgang
Undead Bowslinger

Guest Star Senseis

Sensei Element Battle Class
Crash Bandicoot Icon.png Crash Bandicoot Life Brawler
Dr. Neo Cortex Icon.png Dr. Neo Cortex Tech Sorcerer


  • Songs played with Asian instruments play when Senseis enter the game or use their Sky-Chi, while villains play the start of their Trap Team Villain Themes, with the exception of Golden Queen, who only plays it during her Sky-Chi.
  • Three of the former Villains have changed elements between games (Grave Clobber, Hood Sickle, and Tae Kwon Crow).
  • The icon for Senseis is a stylized version of Ember's helmet lacking the fire symbol, known in real life as a type of Kabuto, a traditional helmet for Japanese warriors.
    • Ember awards the Sensei Helmet part for Imaginators, which is also identical to the icon with the addition of a metallic crest.
  • The Senseis have the most bird Skylanders out of all non-Core Skylander classifications, having King Pen, Tae Kwon Crow, and Birdie, Air Strike's partner.
    • They also have the most Undead creatures, having the 3 from the regular element, Hood Sickle, Bad Juju and Grave Clobber.
  • King Pen and Grave Clobber are both Brawler Senseis of the Water element.
  • Hood Sickle, Chain Reaction and Dr. Krankcase are the only male Senseis of their Battle Classes.
  • Tri-Tip and Blaster-Tron are the only male Senseis of their elements.
  • Barbella's element and class contain more female Senseis than males.
  • Neither Dark, Magic nor Tech have any female Senseis.
    • There are also no female Bazookers, Bowslingers, Brawlers or Knights.
  • Most Elements and Battle Classes have three Senseis each, with a few exceptions:
    • Kaos' clone is the only Sensei belonging to the Kaos Element and the Kaos Battle Class.
    • The Dark and Light elements each have two Senseis, while Tech and Life each have four.
    • There are two Quickshots and Bazookers, while there are four Brawlers and Sorcerers.
  • Tri-Tip and Pit Boss are the only reptilian Senseis.
    • Also, they are both male Heroes and have Legendary counterparts.
  • The Knights and Quickshots, as well as Kaos, are the only Battle Classes without any Alt Decos.
  • There are four Senseis which unlock Adventure Pack levels; Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex unlock Thumpin' Wumpa Islands, while Wild Storm and Ro-Bow unlock Cursed Tiki Temple and Lost Imaginite Mines respectively.
  • All Master Senseis wear a golden belt around their waists.
  • Senseis are currently the only Skylanders incapable of changing upgrade paths without resetting. Imaginators can change weapon powers, elemental powers and Secret Techniques, while a Portal Master power in Skylanders: SuperChargers grants all Skylanders playable in the game the ability to switch paths.
    • Additionally, Senseis are the only Skylanders who cannot wear hats.
  • The Chompy Mage is the only villain Sensei not to originate from Trap Team (Kaos's Clone does not count). He first appeared in Skylanders: Giants.
  • Heartbreaker Buckshot was planned to be released, but was scrapped at the last minute due to looking "too evil". [1]
  • This is the only special team of Skylanders where all of its members (not counting the villains or guests) were playable in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.
  • In Ring of Heroes, most of the Senseis are Legendary (with exception of Chopscotch, Flare Wolf and Barbella who are Heroic).