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Smasher Shrine at Sky Fortress

Sensei Shrines are spherical relics protected by enchanted weapons in Skylanders: Imaginators that only Senseis can open to obtain their Sky-Chi and their Imaginator weapon equivalents, hence their name. These Shrines are also aligned with the Battle Classes and have different appearances matching the needed weapon, and thus each Sensei from every class can open the ones aligned with their class. Additionally, a cutscene is played whenever the Sensei is about to open one.

Every Shrine is decorated with Skylands Runes around the sphere and the weapons, and held up by a strange magical field coming from a device below it.

List of Shrines

Sensei Shrine Cutscenes

Brawler Shrine - Cradle of Creation

  • Crash Bandicoot - Crash mistakes the Shrine's battle stances for a posing duel, until it attempts to attack him and is blocked by Aku Aku. Understanding the challenge, Crash slides under the arms to kick the artifact up into the sky.
  • King Pen - King Pen poses and yells out a war cry. Though the shrine attempts to attack him with right jabs and karate chops, he blocks the jab and dodges the chop quickly and uppercuts the artifact into the sky.
  • Air Strike - At a first time, both the Sensei and his bird doubt about the Shrine's message. When they finally understand it's a challenge, they accept it. When the device makes their first strike, both dodge the attack, with Air Strike walking over the stuck fist and Birdie flying around. When the second fist attacks, Air Strike deflects it with an air kick before landing on Birdie and striking the Shrine together.
  • Grave Clobber - Though the Shrine tries to challenge him to a fight, the rock mummy is busy observing a blue, glowing beetle. When the Shrine attacks him with no effect, however, the bug flies away, sending Grave Clobber into a frustrated rampage, grabbing the Shrine's own fist and using it to push the another one away and slam the device.

Ninja Shrine - Mushroom River

  • Starcast - Before the Ninja can act, the shrine attempts to attack it with its giant shurikens, but he quickly avoids the enchanted weapons and throws a large amount of his own stars at it until it explodes.
  • Tae Kwon Crow - The former Sky Pirate dodges the Shrine's shurikens with short movements, before using his own to destroy the artifact.
  • Boom Bloom - As soon as the Shrine shoots the stars, Boom Bloom dodges them at the last second and uses her whip to grab one of them, throwing it back at the artifact to destroy it.

Sorcerer Shrine - Scholarville

  • Mysticat - The Sorcerer Shrine attacks the feline with a blast of its staff and Mysticat retaliates with his own beam, and while they are locked in place, Mysticat uses his free hand to throw a yarnball familiar to deactivate the staff, leaving the artifact open for his final attack.
  • Dr. Neo Cortex - Cortex and Uka Uka observe the staff of the Shrine as it attacks them, scaring both and causing Uka Uka to flee. Angered, Cortex shoots out the staff, and uses his own to destroy the artifact.
  • Golden Queen - Though the golden statue gives a second for the Shrine to prepare an attack, it is quickly outmatched as she grows giant, hastily slapping the staff away and using her eye lasers to activate the artifact.
  • Pit Boss - After accepting the challenge, Pit Boss creates a small wall of snake skins to block the Shrine's beam. Then, he leaps over the barricade and shoots a snake to the staff, making it to fall off the island. Finally, Pit Boss shoots another snake at the Shrine, activating it.

Sentinel Shrine - Scholarville

  • Ember - Instead of coming close to the Shrine, the Sensei points at the device with her weapon before making it spin over her and launching it a the button, activating the device.
  • Barbella - When the Shrine tries to reap Barbella, she uses her barbells to push it at the ground, blocking the attack. Then, with another strike with the barbells, she slams the button, activating the device.
  • Hood Sickle - The Shrine and Hood Sickle attack each other, trading a few blows before the reaper can knock the staff away and stomp on the button to activate the shrine.

Knight Shrine - Shellmont Shores

  • Blaster-Tron - The robot readies for attack as the swords detach from the Shrine, shooting them with his own blade as they approach before dodging a final slash and aiming for the artifact.
  • Ambush - The tree warrior says his catchphrase as the shrine readies to attack. Ambush runs up to it and slides under the blades, knocking them all out and activating the shrine.
  • Wild Storm - The beast clanks his sword on the ground and roars. He performs a lightning slash on the two top swords and the other two come right for him. He jumps over them and stabs the shrine, activating it, while letting out a mighty roar.

Bowslinger Shrine - Shellmont Shores

  • Buckshot - When the Shrine shoots the arrow, Buckshot leaps to dodge the arrow. Then he lands over the arrow, and using it as a trampoline, he jumps and shoots his arrow from the air, successfully hitting the Shrine.
  • Ro-Bow - The Shrine challenges the robot and readies its own bow, and fires before Ro-Bow can ready himself. However, he quickly fires a shot that deflects the magical arrow and strikes the artifact.
  • Wolfgang - Meanwhile the Shrine aims at him with the bow, the werewolf tunes up his harp. When the enchanted arrow is shot, Wolfgang strongly plays the guitar, creating a shockwave which deflects the arrow and activates the device.

Smasher Shrine - Sky Fortress

  • Tri-Tip - The triceratops assumes a battle stance, before landing a single decisive blow to the artifact.
  • Chopscotch - The ghoul tries to strike a pose before her attack, only for her hair to fall the wrong way and her axe to fall off. However, she recomposes herself in time to deal the blow.
  • Pain-Yatta - Seemingly cheerfully, the piñata gives his lollipop a lick before readying a strong attack, only to stop and mockingly push the button with it, activating the artifact.

Quickshot Shrine - Sky Fortress

  • Tidepool - After calling her second squid-gun, Tidepool runs at the artifact, with a baby whale swimming at her side. At the middle of the way Tidepool jumps over the whale and performs a shooting combo against the Shrine's guns. When they finally fall off, the Shrine activates.
  • Dr. Krankcase - Both marksman get ready for a shootout, before launching a full attack against each other. However, Krankcase dodges the shots quickly enough to destroy the artifact.

Swashbuckler Shrine - Fizzland

  • Chain Reaction - When the first sword launches at the Sensei, he deflects the attack with his own chainsaw. The second sword is stronger and takes a block with the two chainsaws, but Chain Reaction finally deflects it. Finally, he does a lightning attack combined with a strike with the chainsaws to activate the Shrine.
  • Aurora - The swordswoman dodges and blocks the swords from the Shrine, before tackling and destroying the artifact at lightning speeds.
  • Bad Juju - Though late, Juju Junior arrives after his mom asks for him. After Bad Juju deflects the first sword with her own saber, Juju Junior deflects the second one, sending it back to the Shrine. The sword lands in the button, activating the artifact.

Bazooker Shrine - The Golden Arcade

  • Flare Wolf - The Shrine shoots out its rockets at Flare Wolf, who instead of focusing on them uses his own cannon to launch himself upward, throwing it against the artifact before landing.
  • Chompy Mage - The wizard observes the Shrine as it readies its rockets, only to quickly pull his bazooka to dodge them and shoot enough Chompies into the artifact to blow it up, spreading the Chompies everywhere.


  • Though some Shrines won't react such as the Smasher Shrine or just taunt the Sensei like Tidepool, others will use their weapons when threatened by the Senseis.
  • The Shrines must be activated up close, however, several cutscenes show the Senseis still walking up to it.
  • The cinematics for King Pen and Crash Bandicoot's Sensei Shrine cutscenes look extremely similar. 
  • The Dark Edition Senseis retain their black and silver color palette during their shrine cutscenes, while all other Alt Decos simply play the cutscenes of their standard counterparts.
  • The song that plays at each Shrine corresponds to the song that plays during the Imaginator Battle Class intros, with the exceptions of the villains and a few other Senseis.
  • Though Swashbucklers use two swords, reflected on its Shrine, and Knights only use one, the Knight Shrine has four swords. Even more oddly, the Knight Shrine uses cutlasses, which are in the symbol for Swashbucklers, and the Swashbuckler Shrine uses gladiuses, which in turn is the symbol for Knights.
  • Kaos is the only Sensei who doesn't have a Sensei Shrine.