The Sensei Magic Realm, also known as the Maze of Mystical Madness, is one of the Sensei Elemental Realms in Skylanders: Imaginators. It is a mystical realm containing the eponymous Maze of Mystical Madness and many physics-defying objects and houses, used by Pop Fizz for brewing potions. During said brewing, Pop Fizz created a Bottle Beast that stole his potions and ran off into the maze, and he asks for the Skylander's help with tracking it down.

The Maze of Mystical Madness contains spheres under its flooring that release mystic gases that can harm the Skylander, block their path through gates, or create Illumination Paths, and to traverse it, the player must place the corresponding crystals in their spots to switch the gases around.

Story Goals

  • Use Gems to Complete Maze
  • Defeat Bottle Beast
  • Grind the Rails



  • This is one of the few Realms with Time Limit challenges.
  • The Selfie Spot in this area has a familiar alien floating around a giant sphere, a giant version of the one found in the U.F.O. Hat.
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