The Sensei Earth Realm, also known as the Mines of Mischief, is one of the Sensei Elemental Realms in Skylanders: Imaginators. It is a mining facility with some oil rigs ran by Diggle and Pete, and during an operation they accidentally unleashed unspeakably evil critters into the mountain. Unknown to them, a group of Treemen are in an uncovered nearby area, studying what appears to be an ancient rocket.

In this level, there are many large boulders that must be destroyed by a Mining Pick or using an Earth Skylander.


  • Head into the Mine
  • Head Deeper into the Mine
  • Defeat Enemy Waves

Levels to Find

  • Mines of Mischief
  • Chattering Cavern
  • Unclaimed Motherlode
  • Glittering Grotto
  • Comminution Chamber
  • Argon Arena


  • Though a motherlode is discovered by Pete and the Skylander during the level, it already has what appears to be a warehouse with a Sensei Lock Puzzle hidden by rocks.
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