The Sensei Air Realm is one of the Sensei Elemental Realms in Skylanders: Imaginators. This area is formed by platforms attached to various hot air balloons and fans far away from any solid ground. Because of pollution caused from the use of fossil fuels (possibly from the nearby airship), Jet-Vac tasks the Skylanders to activate the mega fan to blow away all the pollution.


  • Turn on the Giant Fan!

Areas to Find

  • Air Realm
  • Balloonsballoonsballoons
  • Hazy Maze
  • The Really Big Fan


  • This area's mechanic of using fans to blow away clouds is reminiscent of the Cloud Kingdom. However, in the Sensei Air Realm, the clouds are permanently blown away by the fans.
  • Though Jet-Vac asks for the use of Mind Magic to turn on the giant fan, unlike in previous instances in other levels, the necessary object - a plug - is already nearby.
  • The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Eruptor balloon is featured in the Air Realm.
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