“One creature's trash is another one's treasure.”
    —Villain Vault

Scrap Shooter is an Evilikin who is one of the trappable Fire villains in Skylanders: Trap Team.

After the Skylanders got past a rail car station at Wilikin Workshop, Scrap Shooter emerged from the area where the railcars had been appearing and attacked. He was eventually beaten and trapped.


As a trapped villain, Scrap Shooter's main attack causes him to flip up his face and reveal triple cannons that shoot exploding barrels in quick succession. Pressing down on the main attack will make him continue shooting, but he cannot move during this. As his secondary attack, he opens up his mouth and releases 4 exploding barrels that roll out in a cone-shaped area.

During his bossfight, he uses both of these attacks, but he releases more exploding barrels with his secondary attack.


  • "Ehh it's garbage Day, see!"
  • "Come at me, see." - when battling
  • "You'll never catch me, see!"

Trap Quotes

  • "Hey, so what'll it be, pal? You want crackshot shooter on the team? Or just a bunch of palookas?"
  • "Nobody captures me, SEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" - when trapping
  • "Eh, where am I, see? I can't see, see!?"
  • "What is this wise guy talking about? Captured, me, see?"
  • "Ah, come on! Don't be shy!"
  • "Pick me, see?"
  • "I'm going in, SEEEEEEEEE!?"
  • "Eh, how 'bout the scrap heap?"
  • "It's me, see?"
  • "Comin' in, see?"
  • "Take that!"
  • "Yeah, have some junk!"
  • "Eh, nice place you got here, see? Real classy joint."
  • "We don't have anything like this back at the scrap yard! All we got is scrap! And a yard!"
  • "Hey, that Buzz is a real wise guy, eh? How would you like it if I asked you something, and then answered it before you got the chance? EXACTLY! Not so much, eh!?"
  • "Eh, lookin' low on health, see? Maybe it's time for a little switcheroo."
  • "Comin' at ya!"
  • "Ah, that was good stuff there! Give me another shout when I'm charged up!" - Time Out
  • "Ah, what a rush! I was firin' on all cylinders there! But now I need a rest, see?"
  • "Now I gotta recharge, see? But I'll be back on top in no time!" - No Timer
  • "Eh, woah woah, hold the phone, see? I'm still recuperating in here!"
  • "Need a little more time here. Gettin' charged up, see?"
  • "Not so tough now, are ya?"
  • "Yeah, that's me see? Bring me in and I'll, i'll straighten this whole thing out, see?" - Quest
  • "I've got a bad rap, ya know?" - checking stats

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Scrap Shooter's villain theme is Puttin' on the Pinstripe (Remix), currently unavailable in APM Music.

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  • His accent and dialogue is based on stereotypical mobsters.
  • According the Skylanders villains website, Scrap Shooter's image url revealed that his original name was Junk Chunker.
  • His name may be a play on 'Sharp Shooter'.
  • His movement and body figure is very similar to Wind-Up.
  • His villain quest is a play on 'Knight of the Round Table'.
  • The Mechanical Microbots in one of the Tech Imaginator's elemental powers bear a resemblance to Scrap Shooter.
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