“HA! You're really thinking about hitting a girl? Try me!”
    —Runys Pointyboots before fighting the Skylander

Runys Pointyboots is one of the Nightmare Villains in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team. A fortune teller from the Nightmare Fair with a hidden flair for evil... and shoes.

Nightmare Pages

  • "Said to be overly concerned about staying clean, Runys prefers to use her magic to float, rather than walk on the dirty ground."
  • "Runys claims that she can see the future. She was even a fortune teller at the nightmare circus for a while. Until she quit because she was always tired of seeing the Skylanders win."
  • "No one has ever seen Runys Pointyboots' so-called 'pointy boots,' and some have said that she actually wears comfortable shoes under her robes. Of course, "Runys Comfortable Shoes" doesn't sound nearly as scary."
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