Hugo explaining rune sets to Spyro.

Runes are magical stones used as equipment in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Coming in various sets obtained at Shattered Islands or from Rune Crates, they can be equipped in 6 different slots in a Skylander, with each slot having a different effect; as well as higher grade Runes having additional boons.

Runes are made out of stones infused with Mind Magic, according to Enigma, which explains the gathering of Cyclopses and Ruins Guardians in the Distorted Dimensions that want to exploit that power.

Rune Abilities

  • Energy - Sets of 2 - 10%+ HP
  • Strike - Sets of 4 - 25%+ Attack
  • Rage - Sets of 4 - 30%+ Critical Hit Damage
  • Resist - Sets of 2 - 10%+ Status Effect Resistance
  • Ward - Sets of 2 - 10%+ Defense
  • Hope - Sets of 4 - 20% Decreased Block Damage
  • Focus - Sets of 2 - 20%+ Effect Accuracy
  • Fatal - Sets of 2 - 10%+ Crit Rate
  • Hit - Sets of 2 - 5%+ Accuracy
  • Dodge - Sets of 2 - 5%+ Evasion



  • All runes are engraved with Skylands Runes, some using rarer symbols only seen in a few games.
  • During the game's beta, there was a set that increased Endurance, possibly removed to give the Strength Status Effect a bigger focus.
  • The Hope rune shares the symbol of the Shattering Sigil, being one of the more iconic Skylands Runes.
  • The usage of Runes possibly indirectly led to the events of Skylanders: Imaginators, as Hugo suggests that using otherworldly Mind Magic would bring it back to Skylands.
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