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The Ruins, also known as Eon's Citadel, is the main hub world in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. It is what remained of the citadel that surrounded the Core of Light after it was destroyed by Kaos, and it is the main headquarters for the Skylanders. The player comes here after each level, where they may upgrade the skills of their Skylanders and complete Heroic Challenges .

As each of the components of the Core of Light is restored, the Ruins will gradually change in appearance, becoming more lush and vibrant. As of Giants, the Citadel was partially rebuilt, though a few buildings were still missing. However, as of Skylanders: SuperChargers, the Core of Light was moved to the Skylanders Academy and repurposed into the Skylanders' main headquarters, and the citadel's current state and function are unknown.



  • Easy money collecting tips: each time you come back to the ruins, towards the bottom of the area will be a bunch of brambles. Each time you attack a bramble, it gives you one coin. But be forewarned, this dosen't last forever. Hugo will eventually ask you to clear all the brambles, and after that, only a few will appear each time.
  • Wii only: The Hidden Treasure item from the Pirate Seas expansion also works in the Ruins. After you've found the chest, talk to someone and the chest will reappear in the same spot. NOTE : This does not appear to work if you talk to Clam-tron 4000.
  • Near the area where Arbo first appeared there is a tower built out of multiple layers. Each layer has an elemental symbol on it and attacking it with a Skylander of the same element will cause the layer to disapear. When all the layers are gone, the top piece will explode, releasing money. The tower has very few elemental symbols when gone near the first time. Each time all layers are successfully destroyed, a new layer (element) will be added until all 8 are collected.



  • Most of the characters who take the Skylanders to certain levels represent one of the Elements: Flynn (Air) Gurglefin (Water), Diggs (Earth and Fire), Arbo (Life), General Robot (Tech), T-Bone (Undead), Weapon Master (Magic).
  • When a Skylander walks up the stairs from the beach to the plateau, the torches light up in their corresponding element’s color. Magic Skylanders produce purple flames, Air Skylanders trigger light blue, Life Skylanders make them burn green, and so on. Elemental torches also exist at the top of the bluff in the Ruins and react to each Skylander’s element.
  • Each Winged Sapphire appears in a place next to an area that takes you to another part of Skylands. One sapphire next to the cage Gurglefin was trapped in, one sapphire in a hole you need to bust open next to the Hugo and the train etc.
  • Ghost Roaster can die in the hub because of his health-draining Ectoplasm Mode, as can non-Fire Skylanders at a certain point in the game. This can happen when the Molekin set up tents and a fire after Crystal Eye Castle. All Skylanders not of the Fire element can die from touching the fire.
  • As seen in Spell Punk Library, millenia ago, Eon's Citadel was known as Ancient's Peak, refered to as the "lost citadel of the Portal Masters". Nothing is known about the first incident that made it be lost - the only event known to wipe numerous Portal Masters from Skylands was after the Core of Light's first recent activation.
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