“An honest-to-goodness Skylander here in Woodburrow! I never thought the day would come.”

Rufus is a regal, puma-like character that appears throughout Skylanders: Swap Force as Woodburrow's village crier.

Personality-wise, Rufus appears very serious, refined and polite; greeting residents new and old with a lot of respect (even if he is a little overwhelmed by Tessa's vigor at times.) As stated by Tessa, he keeps everything in the village running to a proper standard under the Chieftess' command, and should be addressed if one needs anything.

As advised, the Skylanders often look to him for assistance, to which he complies happily.


  • Most players believe that he resembles a puma or wolf, both of which are carnivorous predators.
  • Upon their first meeting, Flynn mistakes Rufus' name for both 'Doofus' and 'Rudy'.
  • Following the completion of story mode, he is considered by some fans to be annoying; welcoming the player back to Woodburrow with un-skippable suggestions on what to do next.
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