“Brace For Impact!”
    —Rubble Rouser's official catchphrase

Rubble Rouser is an armored rock golem who is one of the SWAP Force Skylanders in Skylanders: Swap Force. He is of the Earth element. His Swap Force Ability is Dig.



Rubble Rouser is always looking to improve the way things work - and for new rocks to pulverize with his hammer slam![1]


Hailing from a race of creatures who ate rock for a living, Rubble Rouser spent most days digging his way through the vastness of Deep Mountain mouthful by mouthful alongside the rest of his people. But Rubble Rouser found he could eat up far more ground with a swing of his hammer or spin of his drill. However, the leaders of his race wanted no part of changing the way they worked. That is, until the evil Rock Lords trapped them deep within the mountain. It was then that Rubble Rouser showed everyone the power of his ways by defeating the Rock Lords with his mighty hammer and drill. Afterward, the leaders encouraged Rubble Rouser to seek out the Skylanders, who readily welcomed him.



These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: 280 (max. 560)
  • Speed: 35 (max. 83)
  • Armor: 24 (max. 54)
  • Critical Hit: 6 (max. 56)
  • Elemental Power: 25 (max. 75)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 170
  • Defense: 200
  • Agility: 65
  • Luck: 55


Basic Ability and Upgrades
The primary ability is available from the start of the game. Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Hammer Swing Tools of the Trade Happy Hammering Drill Head
Rubble Rousertopprimarypower
Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to swing a massive hammer. Hold to charge up more powerful swings!
Rubble Rousertopbasicupgrade1
Price: 300
Press Attack 3 to smash nearby enemies with the hammer.
Rubble Rousertopbasicupgrade2
Price: 800
All hammer attacks do increased damage.
Rubble Rousertopbasicupgrade3
Price: 1000
Hold Attack 3 to drill into the ground, causing an earthquake!
Drill Pitcher
View Excavator
Become an adept in the art of throwing hammers!
View Drill Pitcher
Use the rubble from mining into the ground to damage enemies!

Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Winter Keep

Nailed it!
Rock Shards
Gem Quality
Obsidian Skin
Rubble Rousertoppath1upgrade1
Price: 1500
Press Attack 1 Attack 1 and then hold and release Attack 1 to throw a charged hammer attack!
Rubble Rousertoppath2upgrade1
Price: 1500
Press Attack 3 to send shards of rock flying out of the ground damaging nearby enemies.
Rubble Rousertoppath1upgrade2
Price: 2000
Throwing the hammer does increased damage. Don't try this indoors!
Rubble Rousertoppath2upgrade2
Price: 2000
Press Attack 3 to unearth more powerful rock shards that damage nearby enemies.
Rubble Rousertopsoulgempower
Price: 3500
Rubble's skin becomes harder than stone, decreasing damage taken.

Basic Ability and Upgrades
The primary ability is available from the start of the game. Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Deep Dig Minor Miners Earthy Fortitude Tunnel Expedition
Rubble Rouserbottomprimarypower
Primary Ability
Press Attack 2 to quickly dig then come out of the ground, damaging nearby enemies.
Rubble Rouserbottombasicupgrade1
Price: 300
Press Attack 2 to dig into the ground, burst out of the ground a short time later damaging nearby enemies and summoning small angry miner allies.
Rubble Rouserbottombasicupgrade2
Price: 800
Health is increased. Tough as stone!
Rubble Rouserbottombasicupgrade3
Price: 1000
Hold Attack 2 to continue drilling while underground, release to surprise enemies from below with a devastating attack.
Bolder Boulders
View Miner Foreman
Throw powerful rocks at nearby enemies!
Miner Foreman
View Bolder Boulders
More powerful Minor Miners will rally to any problems that need solving!

Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Winter Keep

Boulder Toss
Miner Craft
So Bold
On Strike
Pop Rock
Rubble Rouserbottompath1upgrade1
Price: 1500
Hold Attack 2 to drill underground, while underground boulders will rapidly shoot out. Aim the boulders towards enemies to damage them.
Rubble Rouserbottompath2upgrade1
Price: 1500
Call up to four miner allies to help you defeat enemies! The cause is righteous!
Rubble Rouserbottompath1upgrade2
Price: 2000
Boulders do increased damage. Getting hit with rocks really hurts.
Rubble Rouserbottompath2upgrade2
Price: 2000
Miner allies do increased damage. Oh no, they won't go! Not until experience points show!
Rubble Rouserbottomsoulgempower
Price: 3500
Hold Attack 2 to drill underground, release to toss a huge boulder into the sky which comes down on enemies nearby a short time later.

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • 3DSpower1 (Primary Attack): 3DSpower1desc
  • 3DSpower2 (Secondary Attack): 3DSpower2desc
  • SWAPpower (SWAP Force Power): SWAPpowerdesc


  • Unknown (requires level: 3): (Add description here)
  • Unknown (requires level: 6): Unknown
  • Unknown (requires level: 9): (Add description here)


Basic Quests

  • Bad Guy Basher: Defeat 1000 enemies.
  • Fruit Frontiersman: Eat 15 fruit.
  • Flawless Challenger: Complete a non-Story Mode level at full health.
  • True Gladiator: Win 10 PVP matches.
  • Totally Maxed Out: Reach level 20 and purchase all Upgrades for this Skylander.

Elemental Quests

  • Elementalist: Deal 7500 elemental bonus damage.
  • Savior of the Land: Free the Terrasquid in the Twisty Tunnels without switching Skylanders.
  • Unearther: Use shovels to dig a total of 25 holes.

Unique Quest

  • Oh, What a Drill!: Deal a total of 400 damage in one drilling earthquake using the Drill Head attack.


Battle Cries

  • "Brace For Impact!"
  • "Pound for Pound, the Best!"
  • "Rubble Trouble!"
  • "Steady as a Rock!"
  • "Rock on!"
  • "Unstoppable!"
  • "Rocked it!"
  • "Here I go!"
  • "I'll take it!" - When finding treasure
  • "Let's Rock!" - When levelling up
  • "Power Blast!" - When levelling up
  • "Looking pretty solid!" -When checking stats
  • "Solid as a rock!" - When checking stats
  • "Hey, I rock in this hat!" - When wearing a hat
  • "Hard hat required!" - When wearing a hat

Character Trailers



  • His Soul Gem Obsidian Skin changes his color to black.
  • His name is a play on "rabble rouser", which can also be based on the fact that he summons angry miner allies.
    • It might also be based on the term "rebel rouser".
  • One of his upgrades, 'Miner Craft', is a reference to the game "Minecraft".
  • Occasionally, a glitch occurs where Rubble Rouser digs down and doesn't go back up.
  • Most of the times, in Battle Mode, his Miners don't attack the other Skylander.
  • With Tunnel Expedition, Rubble Rouser's bottom half allows him or other SWAP Force Skylanders to avoid damage while underground.
  • He, Drill Sergeant, Ro-Bow and Grilla Drilla are the only Skylanders with drilling abilities.
  • He is one of the few Skylanders with a hammer for a weapon (others include Crusher, Stump Smash and Wallop).
  • Despite his artwork and figure form, Rubble Rouser is actually right-handed instead of being a lefty.
  • His bottom Soul Gem, Pop Rock, may be a reference to the candy Pop Rocks.
  • Rubble Rouser is noticeably similar to Doom Stone:
    • Both are Earth Skylanders.
    • Both are SWAP Force Skylanders.
    • Both are made of stone.
    • Both their names are a play on different phrases.


  1. Skylanders Universe - The Complete Collection, page 43
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