“Their only weakness is fire... and cannons.”
    —Game description

Rotting Robbies are zombies enemies that are only encountered in Cadaverous Crypt and Spyro's Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. They can only be defeated by fire based attacks, such as Spyro's fire breath and any of Eruptor's attacks. Any fire attack or cannon blast will defeat them.

In Skylanders: Giants, Rotting Robbies are simply called Zombies and appear in both Series 2 Cynder's and Hot Dog's Heroic Challenge. In Hot Dog's, they can be defeated using any attack, while in Cynder's, they are the zombies you need to find the heads of.

In Return of the Dragon King, a group of Rotting Robbies and Bone Chompies chased and fought Cynder at the Cadaverous Crypts, causing her to lose a charm she needed to track down Calliope. The undead fiends were soon driven off by Wallop.



  • In other console versions, their heads are replaced by skulls.
  • The Robbies are effected by Drobot's Afterburners and Trigger Happy's Yamato Blast but only on the Wii version. In other versions, they have no effect.
  • Their names are similar to that of the main antagonist of Lazy Town, Robbie Rotten.
  • Their design and weakness is similar to Frankenstein's Monster.
  • Some of them are different in certain ways, like having heads instead of skulls or certain limbs being bone or flesh.

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