This article is about the character from Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers. You may be looking for the Molekin character.

Rocky is a shy Stone Golem from Ragged Ranges who appeared in Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers. He was gifted with an enchanting singing voice that made anyone within earshot dance.


Like all Stone Golems, Rocky is gentle, but timid and dislikes crowds.


Rocky's singing voice caught the interest of Professor Puck, the head of Professor Puck's famous travelling fair, who took Rocky from his home against his will. The Stone Golem was made as a star attraction in Puck's show, which Rocky didn't like due to his timid nature shared by all stone golems.

One day, Rocky didn't want to go on stage for his next performance and sought refuge outside near the tent. His crying caught the ears of the Skylanders, Sonic Boom, Terrafin, and Hot Dog, who heard of Rocky's plight and met Professor Puck. By Puck's rough encouragement, Rocky went on stage in front of a large crowd and started singing, causing everyone, even the Skylanders, to start dancing. However this provided Kaos the chance to kidnap Rocky by using Floss-O-Tron 3000 to coat everyone in sticky candyfloss and disorient the crowd with his Troll army. Despite the Skylanders' best efforts, Kaos succeeded in capturing Rocky, who was said to be the Earth segment to the Mask of Power.

The Skylanders ventured to the Explosives Emporium where they were certain that Rocky was being held. After infiltrating the workshop, they fell right into Kaos' trap, who used dynamite that contained Rocky's singing voice to force the Skylanders to dance uncontrollably. Thanks to Sonic Boom however, they were able to overpower Kaos and the Boom Brothers, eventually escaping the villains with Rocky in tow.

Once back at the Eternal Archives, Master Eon used his magic to extract Rocky's singing voice, which was revealed to be the true Earth segment to the Mask of Power that was hidden by one of the Spell Punks who created the mask. Despite the fact that he couldn't sing anymore, Rocky wanted to return to Professor Puck's fair, where the crowd greatly disliked the golem's true singing voice and chased Puck out of town, which was enough to satisfy the happy Rocky.


  • His name was used for a skylander in Trap Team.
    • His name is also used for a Molekin character.
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