The Rocket Ram is one of the two Magic Items in the Mirror of Mystery adventure pack for Skylanders: Trap Team. When placed on the portal, a bunch of Rocket Rams fall from the sky, exploding when they reach the ground, or the Rocket Ram simply rams enemies.

In the Racing part of Skylanders: SuperChargers, the Rocket Ram is an item that temporarily transforms the racing Skylanders into an unstoppable, invulnerable ram-shaped rocket that can damage nearby racers.



  • If you look closely at its magic moment, you can see that it blinks.
  • Despite having black eyes on the toy, it has white eyes in its magic moment. However, in-game it goes back to being black.
  • Its name is a reference to the song Rocket Man.
  • The Racing version of the Rocket Ram serves the same purpose as the Bullet Bill item in the Mario Kart series, including being more likely to spawn the lower the player is currently placing.
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