“Hello race fans, and welcome to Robomill Forest. This peaceful forest glen has become a collision course of wackiness, as it has been overtaken by a gang of loveable trolls and a giant robotic lumberjack intent on it's complete destruction! Well, this should be fun.”

Robomill Forest is the second sky race track in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. The level is set within a forest that is being destroyed by trolls with the aid of a robotic lumberjack. Common obstacles in this track include giant saws that are carving their way through the trees. There is also a river that flows through the track and is carrying the logs created by the lumberjack to parts unknown.

Event Challenges

  • Glorious Tour
    • Race
    • Afterburner Mastery
  • Spectacular Tour
  • Wicked Tour
    • Mirror Race
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