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Road Rage is the seventh episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


Strykore leaves out a bracelet for Stealth Elf to find that will turn her evil, but it winds up on the wrong wrist.


Stealth Elf returns after a refueling mission with Captain Flynn. Eruptor volunteers to help her move back her belongings while Stealth Elf shares her suspicions about Spyro. Though Eruptor finds it hard to suspect Spyro's motives, he advises that Elf consult Master Eon. Stealth Elf explains she can't since she doesn't have a relationship like Spyro being Eon's protege, or anyone. Eruptor believes Master Eon can add Stealth Elf also as her protege if she asks but when Eon suddenly appears requesting for Elf's presence in the Library, he also reveals he already has another protege.

Dark Spyro's trying to decide if his evil would look better with a bandanna or spikes. Strykore makes a visit to Spyro's room, frustrated of still being unable to acquire the map. But this time, Strykore plans to put Spyro's evilness to the test that concerns Stealth Elf, after acknowledging her growing suspicions. Spyro shows reluctance to remove her best friend, but Strykore views her as a valuable ally and so wants Stealth Elf turned evil. Strykore orders Spyro to acquire an item Stealth Elf always carry and fond of; her Elvin bracelet. Once obtained, Spyro must recite the incantation on the bracelet that will slowly devour her light, and ultimately turn her evil. To ensure his loyalties, Strykore will monitor his actions and leaves advising Spyro to go with the bandanna.

At the Library, Stealth Elf learns that Kaossandra has assigned her as a partner for a two day mission of traveling the Skylands to acquire the sap from the Tree of Life to ensure King Pen's full recovery, which Master Eon has approved. Stealth Elf quickly agrees, for a chance to potentially have Kaossandra as her mentor.

Meanwhile, Kaos feels upset of how he misses her mother but recovers his evil demeanor. When he summons his crew, he realizes most of them are on leave since it's Mother's Day and only Dreamcatcher remains since she can easily just mail her gift instead of visiting. Kaos notices that one of the newspaper gift wraps has an article about him published by the Skylands Times. Kaos is eager to read, expecting that he's a serious threat, but is viewed as a joke. As a result, Kaos pays a visit to the Skylands Times publishing firm to voice his complaints. After a long waiting period, Kaos is finally allowed to enter the publisher's office. During his raging spite against the article, his cutlass gets stuck in the water dispenser. He clumsily pulls it out causing water to heavily drench him. His entire fiasco earns him another article by the Skylands Times, humiliating him further.

Stealth Elf begins packing in her room, oblivious to Spyro's presence outside her window. Spyro recites the spell and successfully plants the evil infection on Elf's bracelet. But is prevented from wearing it outright, when Kaossandra pays her a visit. She confesses the real reason she wanted Stealth Elf to accompany her, is because of her loneliness that Kaos won't be able to spend Mother's Day with her. Stealth Elf relates to her since she never had a mother, having been raised only by a tree. She decides to offer her bracelet as a Mother's Day gift. As soon as Kaossandra wears it, the bracelet begins turning her evil. The bracelet keeps reverting Kaossandra from good to evil, worsening every time, preventing Stealth Elf to bond with her. Kaossandra's evilness causes her to crash and destroy their Supercharger vehicle.

Despite successfully completing a mission, Spyro feels guilt-ridden and conflicted with himself for being responsible of the act of turning her best friend evil. Strykore almost catches him, suspiciously asking if Spyro is feeling regretful for his actions. Spyro quickly tries to reassure him, which succeeds.

Stealth Elf and Kaossandra are forced to make their way by walking in the hopes they can procure another vehicle. In spite of Kaossandra acting cruel and insane, Elf tries to remain kind to her even after Kaossandra destroyed their vehicle. Though Kaossandra does not recall such an event during her good state. Later, they find gremlins mining nearby. Stealth Elf asks one gremlin if they possess a vehicle for them to use, which they have but unfortunately all of their possessions in the village belong to their ruler, Bomb Shell, that has enslaved the entire population to mine Traptanium for his bombs.

Dreamcatcher brings Kaos information of how the Skylands Times's stock prices soar whenever they learn Kaos making idiotic attempts. Kaos uses it for an opportunity to propose a partnership with the publishing firm, by having him first access during his humiliating stunts, so that both of them can profit enormously. The publisher accepts the deal. Kaos takes the employees of the Skylands Times on board his pirate ship eagerly waiting for Kaos's to make his move. Almost instantly, Kaos clumsily pulls down a lever that activates the ship's cannons, which destroys the Skylands Times's publishing office. The publisher angrily scolds him, demanding that he pay half of the total cost of the damage as their business partner.

Stealth Elf and Kaossandra prepare to face Bomb Shell, but Kaossandra continues to be rude to her that finally makes Stealth Elf snaps, realizing that Kaossandra is not fit to be her mentor. When Kaossandra reverts back to good, she apologizes for her unexplained behavior assuming it's because of how she misses Kaos. Stealth Elf forgives her when she promises to do better. They proceed to confront Bomb Shell, to which Stealth Elf recommends they do it together, but the bracelet turns Kaossandra psychotic, leaving Stealth Elf behind and goes on a rampage against Bomb Shell, who is brutally subdued. Stealth Elf tries to get her to stop but after Bomb Shell gets blown off the scene, Kaossandra then attacks Stealth Elf, as the bracelet nears completion of turning her fully evil. Stealth Elf tries her best to defend herself but Kaossandra gains the upper hand, as she prepares to use Stealth Elf's dagger for the finishing blow. But the weapon is abruptly thrown off her grasp by Spyro's arrival. Spyro manages to remove the bracelet, freeing Kaossandra from its evil infliction. Kaossandra becomes drained and has no memory of what happened leading Stealth Elf to realize the bracelet was the cause of her evil behavior. Stealth Elf then turns her attention to Spyro, questioning his arrival, which Spyro replies with a poor excuse. Nonetheless, Kaossandra realizes that someone has cursed the bracelet, intent on turning Stealt Elf evil, suspecting it to be Strykore. Elf hugs Spyro in gratitude for his rescue, and then proceeds to use Bomb Shell's vehicle to resume their journey to the Tree of Life altogether.

Stealth Elf and Kaossandra return to the Academy after a successful trip to the Tree of Life. Spyro volunteers to deliver the sap to Master Eon. Kaossandra apologizes of how she cruelly treated her during her evil state but is thankful to have Stealth Elf accompany her, as she views her as a younger version of herself with lots of potential, emphasizing Stealth Elf's instincts as her greatest strength and to always trust it, before finally heading back inside the Academy.

Eruptor then appears having learned that Spyro managed to save her and Kaossandra, which should validate enough as a reason to dismiss Elf's suspicions on Spyro. Stealth Elf is relieved of Spyro's rescue but it still leaves them with the question of who could Strykore have assigned to get close enough of cursing Stealth Elf's bracelet. Eruptor believes it could be anyone but Spyro. However, Elf wonders how Spyro even knew that Stealth Elf needed to be rescued and opens up the possibility that Spyro can be turned evil by Strykore, after a demonstration of Kaossandra's.

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  • Stealth Elf's suspicions continue to grow.


  • Stealth Elf mentions being raised by a tree. A reference to her backstory in the main series.
  • Jet Vac and Pop Fizz are absent.
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