“ Grab your water wings as you take the plunge into Risky Rapids! But - uh-uh (wags his finger), this ancient Arkeyan battlefield is no meandering brook! It will take a steady hand to navigate these treacherous waters! Good luck racers, you'll need it!”

Risky Rapids is a Sea Racing Track exclusive to Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, unlocked by the Sea Trophy. It is a jungle with a treacherous river that used to be an Arkeyan battlefield, with many waterfalls,whirlpools and the barely-functioning robots towering over the waters.

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  • The level appears to be inspired by Rampant Ruins, though the actual level based on its assets is Temple of Arkus.
  • This level replaces Tropic Plunder in the Racing Pack, which is a regular track in Racing.
    • This is the only track from a racing action pack to be exclusive to SuperChargers Racing.
  • It is the only race track not to be available in any of the cups.
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