“Go Fish!”
    —Rip Tide's official catchphrase

Rip Tide is an Aqua Fighter who is one of the core Water Skylanders in Skylanders: Swap Force.

Character Development

Rip Tide was actually the very first SWAP Force character, but underwent numerous design changes during the development of Skylanders: Swap Force. His first incarnation was a fish-like creature named Krayken that possessed electrical abilities and had a sentient fish head as his left arm to trap enemies with bubbles, but during kid testing, it was discovered that the character looked unfitting on the franchise, and his bubble mechanic was too confusing as a non-damaging move.

The design was later scrapped and a frog-like warrior named Bubble Trouble was brought in, but the new changes to make him more battle-ready and clear made him more confusing instead, with too many contrasting areas and an unclear mechanic. As Wash Buckler and Freeze Blade had been approved at that point, Vicarious Visions decided instead to make him a Core Skylander, and pass on his abilities to other characters while making his fish hand a weapon on its own. The design and name evolved into Rip Tide, resulting with the traits from Bubble Trouble being passed down to Punk Shock and Wash Buckler.[2][3] From his final design to release, some features on him were also slightly changed, like having smaller eye sockets and a proeminent chin.



Highly adaptable, Rip Tide can master any fighting style in minutes.[1] In Skylanders: Battlecast, he has gallant and proud mannerisms.


Rip Tide was known far and wide as one of the best Aqua-Fighters in Skylands. He mastered a multitude of water techniques and astonished tournament spectators with his ability to adapt his fighting style to any opponent. Amongst his repertoire were Swordfish Fencing, Hammerhead Heaving, and even the rare Blubber Whale Wallop -- which he had used on numerous occasions in the legendary Rumble in the Reef. His unrivaled skill as a swordsman soon drew the attention of Master Eon. But when Kaos learned of this, he sent forth a legion of Squidface Brutes to stop Rip Tide before he could join the Skylanders... and everyone knows how that turned out, except for the Squidface Brutes, who after being knocked senseless can't remember a thing.



As perhaps the most skilled Aqua-Fighter in all of Skylands, Rip Tide thrilled audiences with his incredible water-based combat techniques. His talents drew the attention of Master Eon, but before the Portal Master could recruit him to the Skylanders, Kaos dispatched a squad of Squidface Brutes to take the Aqua-Fighter down. Needless to say, it didn't work. Those Squidface Brutes didn't know what hit them, and now Rip Tide uses his fighting skills in the battle against evil.[4]


Being a skilled Aqua-Fighter, Rip Tide can swipe and slash his enemies with his Swordfish and Sharkfish like swords. He can also summon a large whale from his sleeve and slam it down on his enemies.

In Skylanders: Battlecast, he can use fish for a variety of effects, from food for his allies, to draining health with jellyfish, electrifying his swordfish for a debuff, and even summoning sharks and piranhas to add to his team's own damage. His Special Ability is Fish Feast, healing his allies, and his signature Gear is an Electric Eel, which mutes enemies who have Gear themselves. His scrapped card is Feeding Frenzy, which summons piranhas to attack and immobilize damaged enemies.


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Twisty Tunnels
Horn Tetra Attack Fish Toss
Reinventing the Whale
Rip Tideprimarypower
Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to swing the currently held fish at enemies. Swordfish attacks are quick and Shark attacks are slow, but more powerful.
Rip Tidesecondarypower
Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to toss the currently held fish at enemies. Fish Toss will also change between Swordfish and Shark fish.
Rip Tidesoulgempower
Price: 4000
Angry fish explode out of the whale's spout, seeking out and damaging nearby enemies.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Whale On 'Em Bigger Fish to Fly Fresh Fish Blistering Blubber
Rip Tidebasicupgrade1
Price: 500
Press Attack 3 to drop a large whale and smack down a large number of enemies.
Rip Tidebasicupgrade2
Price: 700
Press Attack 2 to throw the held fish, doing increased damage to enemies.
Rip Tidebasicupgrade3
Price: 900
Press Attack 2 to throw the currently held fish. Press Attack 1 to attack and critically hit with the new fish.
Rip Tidebasicupgrade4
Price: 1200
Whale attacks do increased damage. Pocket whales are known for their helpful nature.
Fishy Fencer
View Flounder Pounder
Increase the slice and dice power of the swordfish weapon!
Nipping Needle Nose Practiced Parry Straight As An Angler
Rip Tidepath1upgrade1
Price: 1700
Press Attack 2 to throw the Swordfish which does damage over time to enemies that it hits.
Rip Tidepath1upgrade2
Price: 2200
Swordfish attacks do increased damage. A sword for a nose! Convenient!
Rip Tidepath1upgrade3
Price: 3000
Hold Attack 1 to charge a swordfish attack, release to dash through enemies causing them to take damage and be knocked back.
Flounder Pounder
View Fishy Fencer
Learn new ways to pound enemies with the hammerhead shark weapon!
Shark Surprise Time to Hammer Shark Bite Bait
Rip Tidepath2upgrade1
Price: 1700
Press Attack 2 to throw the shark which bounces off of enemies heads before landing.
Rip Tidepath2upgrade2
Price: 2200
Hammerhead shark attacks do increased damage. There is more than one reason why they are called hammerheads.
Rip Tidepath2upgrade3
Price: 3000
Hold Attack 1 Hold (Square) to charge a shark attack, release to dash forward biting any enemies in the way.

Jellyfish Squall Go Fish Eletric Eel - Gear
Jellyfish Squallcard

Restore 20 health to each ally. Shock each enemy for 20 damage.

Go Fishcard

Swap in an enemy. Gain a non-character card of its element.

Eletric Eel - Gearcard

+30 power. When owner attacks an enemy that has a gear, mute it.

Shark Attack Whale Whomp Fish Feast - Special Ability
Shark Attackcard

Slice an enemy already damaged this turn for 30 extra damage.

Whale Whompcard

Bash the active enemy for 100 damage. Bash it for 40 extra damage for each of its character cards in the enemy hand.

Fish Feast - Special Abilitycard

Restore 10 health to each ally.

Feeding Frenzy
Feeding Frenzycard

Slice each enemy character already damaged this turn for 50 damage.Snare them.

Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • 3DSpower1 (Primary Attack): 3DSpower1desc
  • 3DSpower2 (Secondary Attack): 3DSpower2desc


  • 3DSupgrade1 (requires level: 3DSupgrade1level): 3DSupgrade1desc
  • 3DSupgrade2 (requires level: 3DSupgrade2level): 3DSupgrade2desc
  • 3DSupgrade3 (requires level: 3DSupgrade3level): 3DSupgrade3desc


Basic Quests

  • Bad Guy Basher: Defeat 1000 enemies.
  • Fruit Frontiersman: Eat 15 fruit.
  • Flawless Challenger: Complete a non-Story Mode level at full health.
  • True Gladiator: Win 10 PVP matches.
  • Totally Maxed Out: Reach level 20 and purchase all Upgrades for this Skylander.

Elemental Quests

  • Elementalist: Deal 7500 elemental bonus damage.
  • Extinguisher: Defeat 25 Fire Geargolems.
  • A-Fish-Ionado: Catch 25 fish with the fishing rod.

Unique Quest

  • Whale of a Time: Damage 8 enemies at once with your Whale On 'Em ability.


Battle Cries

  • "Go Fish!"
  • "Yeah, fin for the win!"
  • "Makin' waves!"
  • "Turning the tide!"
  • "No catching release here!"
  • "Hooked it!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Woohoo!"
  • "Go!"
  • "Flying fish!"
  • "Up high!"
  • "Going up!"
  • "Whopper of a haul!" - when opening a treasure chest
  • "Power wave!" - when levelling up
  • "More power!" - when levelling up
  • "Strap to the gills!" - when checking stats
  • "I'm tipping the scales!" - when checking stats
  • "That's a whale of a hat!" - when given a hat
  • "I look like a real catch!" - when given a hat
  • "Something fishy about this name!" - when given a nickname
  • "Bait and switch!" - when given a nickname

Battlecast Quotes

  • "Fintastic!" - scanned in
  • "Let's make some waves!"
  • "Casting out!" - when selected
  • "Surf's up!"
  • "Reeled in!" - swapping in
  • "Ready for battle!"
  • "Off the hook!" - swapping out
  • "Time for a rest!"
  • "A powerful swell!" - rank up
  • "Looking ship-shape!"
  • "I'll take it!" - Summoning a Gear
  • "A real catch!"
  • "Making a splash!" - Summoning a Relic
  • "Turning the tide!"
  • "Making waves!" - randomly when casting spells
  • "Soak it up!"
  • "Make it rain!" - Jellyfish Squall
  • "Jelly time!"
  • "The shock of your life!" - Electric Eel
  • "High voltage!"
  • "A whale of a time!" - Whale Whomp
  • "There's a whale on you!"
  • "Now that's a big one!" - Go Fish
  • "The catch of the day!"
  • "Time for a bite!" - Shark Attack
  • "Snack attack!"
  • "Splashed down!" - KOed an enemy
  • "Tipping the scales!"
  • "Fish overboard!" - when defeated
  • "Going down!"
  • "Another time!" - defeat at the end of battle
  • "I let that one get away...!"
  • "Fin for the win!" - Victory
  • "A swell victory!"
  • "Ahoy!" - when poked
  • "Easy, now!"
  • "Aye aye!"
  • "Steady on!"
  • "Better watch yourself!"
  • "Having fun?"
  • "A wave of energy!" - Card Level Up
  • "Power surge!"

Media Quotes

  • "Looks like I caught myself a whopper! You guys are going down!" - The Card Game Short Cut
  • "Alright! Time to fish or cut bait!"

Character Trailers


Rip Tide/Gallery


  • He slightly resembles the DC Comics villain Deathstroke as both carry various weapons.
    • His voice actor, Patrick Seitz also voiced Deathstroke in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe as well as Hot Head in Giants. He also voiced Scorpion from Mortal Kombat (2011) and Injustice: Gods Among Us.
  • He bears a slight resemblance to the Battletoads.
    • He also resembles the Lord of the Atlantis from Monster Legends.
  • Some of his battle quotes are shared with Gill Grunt.
  • Rip Tide, Chill and Tidepool have the ability to summon cetacean allies.
  • His face slightly resembles Captain Qwark from the Ratchet & Clank series.
    • When he uses his primary attack with the hammerhead shark three times, he'll peform a move similar to Ratchet's Multi-strike move from Ratchet & Clank.
  • When Rip Tide grind rails, he uses the hammerhead shark as a board and holds his swordfish no matter which fish he has active.
  • He has the shortest catchphrase out of every Skylander.
  • In the Skylanders: Swap Force: Master Eon's Official Guide handbook, it incorrectly states that his Soul Gem is found in the Rampant Ruins.


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