Concept art of a Rift consuming the clouds and surrounding area

Rifts are dangerous vortexes in Skylanders: SuperChargers that are capable of consuming anyone and anything in their way. They are created by Kaos' Sky Eater and can hold the power to consume entire islands bit by bit. They are not unlike Portals as they are a sort of inter-dimensional plane that allows for faster transportation, but in comparison are very unstable and require Rift Engines to be properly controlled. They are also harmful to the Portal network in great quantity, and can possibly open paths to realms far from Skylands without the need of a Portal Master or cataclysmic event.

Rifts briefly make a return in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes as a result of Kaos' botched spell with the Book of Dark Magic, ripping many worlds apart into the Shattered Islands and making the Portal network unsafe once again. Though Master Eon helped close most of them, many were taken over by villains in the hidden mountain that holds the Distorted Dimensions, and Kaos hid the Hall of Chaos in a place that can only be infiltrated through one.


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