In the Skylanders Academy television series, the Relics Room is a secret treasure vault in Skylanders Academy that houses the most precious relics in all of Skylands. Known treasures and artifacts include a large amount of riches, The Book of Skylanders and weapons from the Giants, SWAP Force, Imaginators and Skylanders that have retired to make way for younger generations[1].


The Relics Room is hidden behind a bookcase in the Academy library, activated by a statue of Master Eon and identification of his beard hair. However, the Book of Skylanders has additional defenses, such as an invisible electrified shield that needs to be deactivated with a lever first. It can also be locked from the inside, as used by Eon in Assault on Skylander Academy to protect his students and staff from his dark magic-induced sickness.

It also contains a dragon shield with the location of the Core of Light, but as of Missing Links, it is no longer accurate due to its relocation.

When not activated by Master Eon, however, the vault is overseen by its security AI programmed by Hugo, who makes constant verification for the presence of his beard hair and will alert the headmaster through cellphone messages as well as close the doors if threats are identified. However, the AI also takes delight in taunting its prisoners by pretending to set up a self destruct mechanism, and makes an exception to the mechanisms if the threats show compassion and make amends with each other.

The room also hides a hidden vault under the place the Book of Skylanders used to stand; at some point repurposed into beard product storage. Between the main room and the vault, there appears to be a strange blueish cave with no obvious purpose.


Season 1

Master Eon first presented the Relics Room to Spyro in Skylanders Unite!, in an attempt to show him the benefits of living up to a hero's role. However, the egotistical dragon took his advice the wrong way, and took much more time to learn his lesson. The room appeared later in the episode being sacked by Kaos and Glumshanks until Spyro followed them to rescue the Book of Skylanders. Though defeated, Spyro managed to defrost the book, allowing other Skylanders to finish the job.

Kaos attempts to infiltrate the vault several times in the season, but only manages to enter it again in Assault on Skylander Academy, with the Doom Raiders and Kaossandra 's help. Though the Book of Skylanders is no longer inside the Relics Room, Eon had taken the Book of Dark Magic inside it with him, and the resulting quarrel between the gang and the dark sorceress for the tome ended in neither taking any of its treasures.

Season 2

In Thankstaking for the Memories, Spyro sneaks into the Relics Room with Stealth Elf, using Eon's dropped beard hairs from around the academy to get past the facial hair scan. However, the fake beard is accidentally destroyed by Spyro, causing the room's AI to lock them inside. The two try to find a way out, only to trigger a "Self-Destruct Sequence", causing Stealth Elf to get mad at Spyro. However, after the two reconcile, the AI lets them out, deeply touched. Spyro takes a book about dragons with him to learn more about his ancestors. Upon Eon coming back, who had been alerted of what happened, they learn that the room can't actually self-destruct.

Season 3

In Dark Spyro's quest to discover the map to the Lost Isle of Arkus, many of his devious schemes included searching it and the way into his hidden vault, opened by Master Eon's reading of the nursery rhyme "Little Miss Muffet". However, the vault would turn out to be nothing more than his storage for beard products, and the location of the map turned out to be something simpler in the main room - a Wumpan Puzzle Box that the headmaster was researching around the same time.



  • A portrait of Master Eon and a baby Spyro is hung on the wall near the Book of Skylanders.
  • At some point, Master Eon forgot a candy cane among the treasures, and it was still in pristine condition after an unknown amount of time; and though he approached it offscreen, it was still there in Thankstaking for the Memories.


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