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Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part 1 is the twelfth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


The Skylanders need to get to Arkus before Strykore and his minions, and a bold plan is the only way to pull it off.


With the map to Arkus in his possession, Strykore uses his powers to activate the castle's rocket boosters as he and his troll army begin their journey to Arkus. News quickly reaches the Skylanders, their best solution to halt Strykore is to get to Arkus ahead of him, but cannot travel themselves, with the map, the only source for its location, in Strykore's hands. Master Eon recalls Cynder's psychic ability to find any place in the Skylands and that she could provide the directions to Arkus, but that would mean an attempt to rescue her from Malefor's clutches in the Underworld, where Eon is unable to conjure a telepathic link for her exact location. Fortunately, Captain Flynn arrives yet again assuming they require his assistance.

Captain Flynn has recently journeyed the Underworld and has sighted Cynder's presence, so the Skylanders partner up with Flynn and board the Dread Yacht for a rescue attempt. Spyro, however, stalls their mission seemingly hesitant to face Malefor. With everyone unaware of this, Eon agrees to postpone but they inevitably must go. As the Dread Yacht heads for the Underworld, Stealth Elf draws up their plan on confronting Malefor which Spyro would spearhead. Upon hearing this, Spyro interrupts it with a sudden strong sense of someone else nearby needing urgent help. The team decide to trust his instincts and the Dread Yacht veers off course to intervene. But when they arrive at the sight, they only find a lone sheep about to eat grass, which Spyro exaggerates as the important situation. The Skylanders question Spyro's behavior, sensing something's bothering him, but Spyro denies this as he claims to commit in rescuing Cynder, but noticeably struggles to even speak Malefor's name.

Kaos struggles to break free from his underwater cell, since it even weakens his powers. In a desperate cry, he bangs his body against it. Though not free, it loosens a few screws, causing a leak which Kaos is able to manage at the moment. To his relief, Glumshanks is able to find him and prepares to set him free before more leaks break open. Glumshanks resurfaces and returns to his boat carrying 20 bags of concrete, claiming it will resolve the leakage in Kaos's prison, but proves too heavy when a single bag destroys his rowing boat.

Captain Flynn takes the Dread Yacht at a place at the Underworld where he last saw Cynder, but as they get near their destination, large floating islands get more concentrated where one damages the Dread Yacht. Captain Flynn decides not to join the rescue but stay at his ship, not willing to risk it get destroyed. Flynn drops them off and gives them limited time for their rescue before he returns. They manage to find Cynder and inform her of her rescue, but she refuses and pleads for them to leave, revealing she intentionally didn't want to be found by blocking Master Eon's telepathic link, as Malefor would pose a serious threat if they are caught. But they are too late, Malefor arrives and quickly engages the Skylanders. The team manages to counter Malefor, nearly subduing him, but Spyro remains terrified, missing his chance to deal the final blow. Eventually, Malefor regains his strength and blast the Skylanders with a magnetic burst that keeps them glued individually at small floating rock formations.

With no other options, Glumshanks returns to Kaos bearing terrible news; he can do nothing but watch as Kaos slowly drowns inside his cell with more leaks breaking through. Kaos accepts his fate and the two share their last remarks, but suddenly, the cell begins to float. Above the sea, Claire and Gary are fishing together, with Gary unknowingly lifting up Kaos's cell. When it finally reaches the surface, Kaos manages to get free, subsequently taking the Mabu couple's boat and forcing them to row Kaos and Glumshanks to Arkus, having memorized the directions earlier.

While Malefor scolds her daughter, Stealth Elf brings up Spyro's failure. Spyro confesses that he was afraid to act, as he fears Malefor. Reminiscing his traumatic experience, since Malefor was responsible for having Spyro get turned evil by Strykore that eventually led him to commit evil actions on his own friends. The Skylanders sympathize but encourages Spyro to face his fear in order to prevent such an event happening again. This gives Spyro an idea, just as Malefor confronts them again with the intent to consume their light energy and use it to have the ability to raise an undead army that would invade the Skylands. But Spyro replies revealing that he is still a loyal servant of Strykore, claiming it was Strykore's idea to lure the Skylanders into a botched rescue attempt and he delivers Strykore's message of gratitude for his service, and the Skylanders seemingly express surprise at this. This convinces Malefor, eager to be more of service, and frees Spyro. Spyro claims that Strykore gave him an incantation that can make Malefor invisible, so he has Malefor close his eyes as he recites the made-up incantation while Cynder proceeds to free the team. When Spyro finishes, Malefor is fooled to believe that he is invisible but he notices Cynder and the Skylanders have boarded the Dread Yacht and make their escape. Malefor angrily gives chase to his daughter, but Spyro diverts him away, forcing Malefor to face him off instead. Spyro hides behind a floating isle, as Malefor charges and whips his tail at Spyro, but misses, causing his tail to get stuck unable to free himself. The Skylanders praise Spyro's bravery and tactics, no longer fearing Malefor.

Cynder makes a safe return to the Academy. But with Malefor closing in on Arkus, Master Eon urgently has to request Cynder to use her psychic ability to find Arkus. Though exhausted, she attempts to use her power to scour the Skylands, eventually finding the lost island. The team embark the Dread Yacht for Arkus. Master Eon and Kaossandra contemplate over Kaos's future, once Strykore is finally finished. To access Arkus, the Dread Yach has to enter a trans-dimensional vortex since it does not exist within the Skylands. Afterwards, they finally land at the beautiful land of Arkus, hurrying to get to the Iron First first.

The team arrives at where the Iron Fist is hidden but is met by the arrival of Strykore and his troll army, about to clash against each other in possession for the Iron Fist. But to their shock, Kaos already holds the Iron Fist and is committed to enact his revenge against his father. Strykore remains undeterred and laughingly allows Kaos to try. Kaos wears the Iron Fist and the entire island trembles as the Iron Fist summons the giant Arkeyan Conquertron.

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  • Team Spyro rescues Cynder from Malefor.
  • Team Spyro, Master Eon, Kaossandra and Strykore reach the Island of Arkus.
  • As revenge for being imprisoned by Strykore, Kaos claims the Fist of Arkus for himself and activates the Arkeyan Conquertron.


  • The title of the episode is a parody of the first Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • If counting both parts as one episode, Raiders of the Lost Arkus is the second double length episode in the Skylanders Academy series (the first being the premiere episode, Skylanders Unite!)
  • When speaking the gibberish incantation to Malefor, Spyro says "Klatu Barada...", which derives from the phrase 'Klaatu Barada Nikto,' one of the most well known phrases in movie history which originated from the 1951 black and white movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still which has been both featured and parodies in many forms of fictions, like for example Evil Dead: Army of Darkness.
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