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“He's all the Rage!”
    —Villain Vault

Rage Mage is a trogmander who is one of the Magic Villains for Skylanders: Trap Team.

As the Skylanders were mucking through the Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink, Rage Mage and his minions attempted to stop their progress. Unfortunately, all Rage Mage could do was help his minions out with a spell that made them faster. After all his minions were defeated, he couldn't do much aside from run around in circles, and he was eventually defeated and trapped.


As a trapped villain, Rage Mage charges forward while doing a magic attack spiral as his primary attack. His secondary attack causes him to stand still for a while as he conjures up a stationary large magic orb. Using his spin attack to hit the orb - or just attacking in other directions - causes the orb to propel towards where Rage Mage was attacking, and do great damage to enemies it passes through. If you swap back to your Skylander, they can pick up the orb, which will boost their damage output for a while.

During his bossfight, he has no damaging attacks, instead, he conjures purple force fields around enemies that increase their damage. Once all other enemies are defeated, Rage Mage will simply run away from the Skylander.


  • "I am all the rage!"

Trap Quotes

  • "Hm? Uh oh! Better cast a spell! ABRA-CADABBBBRRRAAA!" - when trapping
  • "I only ask that you don't let your own anger factor up in this decision."
  • "Okay, I am now going to get out of here using my rage, stand back... GGAAAAAAAHA!!!! Did that work?! Wha- BUT THAT WAS SO MUCH RAGE!!" - when trapped
  • "Okay okay, BUT I'M STILL VERY ANGRY! Guess I'm just angry for good now!"
  • "I will be VERY ANGRY if I do not get picked here!"
  • It's gonna be a RAGEEEEEEEERRR!!"
  • "My turn!"
  • "A victory for Rage Mages and rage everywhere."
  • "It's rage time!"
  • "What's going on? Who cares, we won! AND I'M STILL ANGRY!!!"
  • "You have a lot of things at this in this Academy but where's the bathroom? All this rage kinda makes me have to go a lot."
  • "Ooh, the Doom Raiders make me VERY ANGRY! AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY! So I sure hope we take care of them soon. AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY EITHER!"
  • "I don't get this stuff about the Skaletones. I mean, their music makes people HAPPY! AND WHAT'S THE POINT OF THAT?"
  • "If it makes you're angry that you're about to go, THEN BRING IN THE RAGE MAGE!"
  • "Oof! That was a raging party right there! Now I must go to anger management." - Time Out
  • "You're really angry! But I still need to recharge!" - No Timer
  • "Wait! I still need to get worked up here!"
  • "Tag me in! I'm all up with anger!" - Full Timer
  • "I'm both charged AND riled up!"
  • "Oh yeah, those rumors are true alright. Put me in and watch me sell some ICE-CREAM!!" - Quest
  • "It took a lot of rage to make this happen!" - checking stats

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Rage Mage's theme is Chasing Tails, from APM Music.


  • His character design is similar to that of the Trogmanders.
  • He and Broccoli Guy have no fingers - as they both share the same body design, save for their heads.
  • While Pain-Yatta and Bomb Shell have mini-game-like quests, Rage Mage is the only Magic Villain with a very short one.
  • This Rage Mage is the best pitchman in the advertising business, so good that he could sell ice cream in the future.
  • After his quest is completed, ice cream appears in chapters.
  • Rage Mage's name may be a reference to Rage Kage, a popular nickname of American musician Kyle Gass.
  • He is the third mage in the series (the first being Chompy Mage and the second being Sheep Mage).
  • He, Broccoli Guy, and Masker Mind are the only Villains that do not attack Skylanders by themselves. Instead, they will try to flee from them.
  • He is the only Magic villain to not appear in Skylanders: Battlecast.