“Helloooooo Skylands! I, Pandergast the Magnificent, have created the most incredibly amazing racing spectacle Skylands has ever seen, and it's starting... RIGHT NOW! ”
    —Pandergast introducing Racelandia at the start of Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing

Racelandia is the main world in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing put together by Pandergast. It is mainly composed of 15 race tracks, available in several different modes across the 5 tours, as well as the 3 cups. Some of these are locked behind Elemental Gates, requiring Vehicles of the matching Elements.

In addition, there are 3 single-terrain villain tours unlocked by the Trophies of the matching terrains. These feature mirror races of the standard tracks in the terrain, as well as several modes of 2 villain tracks added by the trophy.

The world features areas changed to fit a racing track, sometimes interfering with the landscape and even angering the locals. Some tracks also contain bosses.





Villain Tracks


Skylands (World) - Skylanders Academy (Hub) - Racelandia (Racing World)

Chapter Areas
The Rift to Skylands - The Cloudbreather's Crag - The Cloud Kingdom - Land of the Undead - BattleBrawl Island
Spell Punk Library - Gadfly Glades - Cap'n Cluck's Chicken HQ - Monstrous Isles - Ridepocalypse Demo Derby
Vault of the Ancients - The Bandit Train - The Sky Eater
Race Tracks
Chompy Garden - Dragon Spine - Frozen Fossil Festival - Mystical Vault - Calamity Canyon - Cloud Factory
Temple of Arkus - The After Party - Tropic Plunder - The Golden Temple - Cluck's Cuckoo Nest - The Clock Rock
SuperChargers Racing Tracks
Chompy Mountain - Trollympic Village - Temple of Boom - Pandercastle Raceway - Grill-X's Big BBQ
Pandercastle Skyride - Robomill Forest - Frosty Volcano - Cactus Canyon - Arkeyan Forge
Gooey Goo Works - Octoasis - Pandercastle Waterpark - Middle of Snowhere - Risky Rapids

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