Rabble Rats are enemies in Skylanders: Imaginators. They use croquet mallets as their weapons. If they eat cheese thrown by Mold Mice, they transform into Riff Rats. They also help the Skylanders defeat a Bad Bouncer in The Golden Arcade.

They have the interesting property of being one of few medium enemies capable of friendly fire, and can hit fellow rats with the mallets. If this happens, they'll momentarily hide their weapon to feign cluelessness, before resuming the battle.


  • The Rabble Rats won't be able to eat cheese and to transform into Riff Rats if the Skylanders have stealth abilties, such as Enigma's invisibility.
  • Early in development, they were known as Rat Brutes.[1] Because their final name is unknown(and other enemy names in the same page were changed), the fan name will be kept until further confirmation.


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