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Quigley is a young Mabu child in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure who, when interacted with, has contextual speech depending on the player's current Skylander. He is the son of the Mabu Royal family on the Shattered Island, and after being rescued, he can be seen wandering around the Ruins from here on out.

Quigley makes a reappearance in Skylanders: Giants in Rumbletown where he names a Life elemental zone after him, and later challenges the Skylanders to Skystones. In Skylanders: Trap Team, he attends the Skylanders Academy in the hopes of becoming a Skylander.



  • "That little mole dude is always so worried. Maybe he should read a different book or something."
  • "The Balloon man is kinda weird. He just keeps talking about himself."
  • "My mom told me not to talk to strangers..."
  • "My teachers are crazy. All they do is load me up with homework. Don't they know the Core of Light needs to be built!"
  • "It was cool how you saved my family like that!"


  • Bash - "Whoa! I thought you were a boulder at first!"
  • Boomer - "Uh, my mom told me I wasn't allowed to play with you?"
  • Camo - "Wow, your tail is actually a leaf!"
  • Chop Chop - "Just how old are you, Mister Skeleton?"
  • Cynder - "I've heard you actually came back from the dead! That is SO cool!"
  • Dino-Rang - "I can't believe your boomerangs come back to you like that. I thought that was just a myth."
  • Double Trouble - "Can I see what you look like under the mask? I won't tell anyone."
  • Drill Sergeant - "You're an Arkeyan robot, huh? Cool!"
  • Drobot - "Woah! Are you from the future?"
  • Eruptor - "I suppose you think you're pretty hot stuff! - HAHAHAHAHAHA - Get it?"
  • Flameslinger - "How do you see where you're going with that thing over your eyes?"
  • Ghost Roaster - "P-p-p-please don't e-e-e-at m-m-me. I-i-i'm not a ghost, I s-s-s-swear!"
  • Gill Grunt - "Hey fish man, is it true that you sleep with your eyes open?"
  • Hex - "You're one scary lady, lady!"
  • Ignitor - "Hey mister! Your head's on fire!"
  • Lightning Rod - "You have a cloudy-butt hahahaha!"
  • Prism Break - "So... do you poop diamonds?"
  • Slam Bam - "Wow, you're huge. I'm not messin' with you!"
  • Sonic Boom - "So... Are you a lion with a bird's head or a bird with a lion's body?"
  • Spyro - "Haven't I seen you someplace before?"
  • Stealth Elf - "I've heard you can actually disappear. Please show me how to do it?"
  • Stump Smash - "Where are all your leaves?"
  • Sunburn - "You are so lucky! If I were on fire, I'd never have to take a bath!"
  • Terrafin - "Hey Shark-man! Didn't you forget something? Like the ocean?"
  • Trigger Happy - "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!"
  • Voodood - "Watch where you're swingin' that axe, buddy!"
  • Warnado - "I like turtles!"
  • Wham-Shell -"I want a giant mace club like that!"
  • Whirlwind - "A horn that shoots rainbows? Neato! Where can I get one of those?"
  • Wrecking Ball - "Hi boy! You hungry?"
  • Zap - "Whoa! Should I get you a towel or something, mister?"
  • Zook - "You are by far the coolest dude I have seen on this island!"

Skylanders: Giants

  • "Hey you! I discovered a nature area up on top of this hill here! As soon as I can find a way up there, I'm going to name it after myself."
  • "Ha- I beat you here! And I already named it Quigley Grotto! But check this place out. I hear there's some kind of powerful hat in here somewhere."
  • "Have you heard about this Skystones game that EVERYBODY'S playing? I can tell just by your face that you haven't. When you learn how to play, come back some time so I can school you at it!"
  • "Wow, you actually came back! I'm surprised. But I'm still gonna totally school you at Skystones!"
  • "Aw come on! PLEASE????" - when you say 'no' to Quigley
  • "All right! You are going down!" - when you say 'yes' to Quigley
  • "Told ya I would win! But if you want to play again and lose, it's up to you." - when Quigley beats you at Skystones
  • "No WAY! How did you get so good at this? That's the first time anybody's beat me. It's not fair!!!" - when you beat Quigley at Skystones



  • Quigley's Skystones (x5)

    Variants do get quotes, but they are the same quotes as those said to their regular counterparts.
  • In Skylanders: Giants he plays Skystones with you with only Axecutioners and if the player beats him, they get the Axecutioner Skystone (but only the first time).
    • Quigley is arguably the hardest to beat at Skystones, but one can beat him with stones that have at least one side with 4 blades.
      • He acquired his incredible deck of Skystones after constantly bugging his parents to get him the best Skystones the day they came out. Eventually he just wears them down.[1]
  • Quigley is slightly redesigned and lacks his propeller cap in Skylanders: Trap Team.
  • His quote to Spyro, "Haven't I seen you someplace before?", is a reference to the classic Spyro series.
  • His quote to Warnado could be a reference to a popular meme in 2011 where a kid in zombie facepaint says, "I like turtles."


  1. Skylanders: Giants Strategy Guide - Burning Questions!, page 147
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