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“Its bite is as bad as it looks.”
    —Skystones Overdrive flavor text

Pterashark is a gargantuan, flying shark-dog-like Titan that resides in the Monstrous Isles and is the first boss fight of that level. It is a pet to two other Titans, Beachcomber and Thunder Tow.

In the Sky Vehicle area, the Pterashark goes on the attack midway after the Skylanders prevent the Titans' Troll worshipers from stealing some rare bird eggs, which are the Pterashark's favorite food. Afterwards, the Skylanders engage the animal Titan in battle.

Boss Battle

In battle, the Pterashark mainly burrows underground to avoid attacks and has three main moves of its own. Its most commonly used technique is to swim around in the sand as if it were water and use its sharp fin to bump into the Skylanders. When it emerges, it will leap high into the air and come crashing down on whoever is under it, creating a shockwave. It can do this multiple times as it loses health and always stuns itself after the last slam. Finally, the Pterashark can spit up several chunks of rock collected from its digging, unleashing them in a spread-shot formation at the Skylanders.

After managing to overpower the giant dog-like fish and knocking it unconscious, the heroes were able to move further into the Monstrous Isles.


  • If the player is able to complete the Sky Vehicle challenge, then the Pterashark will lose one-thirds of its health.

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