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“Don't look at me like that! When the supply goes down, the price goes up! That's basic economics; didn't your momma teach you that?”

The Prospector is a Molekin who owns the mines of the Crystal Caverns and the surrounding Shire. When Count Moneybone's Mechanical Worm invaded the mines to steal the precious Crystaluminium, he lost great part of his stock, and attempted to rely on selling the last few rocks as overpriced pet rocks until he met the Skylander in Boom Town. After the robot was destroyed and the mines were free of danger again, the miner set up a shop at the town, oddly hiring the Giant Tiki as an exibit.


Though grateful for the Skylanders' help, the Prospector is stingy with money, offering absurd prices for his pet rocks and only giving them small discounts as thanks.


  • The Prospector has the same voice and character model as Diggs.
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