Professor Splinters is an elderly ent who appeared in Eruptor Meets the Nightmare King. He is the leader of the expedition that uncovered the remains of Nefarion's frozen kingdom in the present.


After being saved by the Skylanders, Professor Splinters guided them to to the frozen chamber where they discovered the past version of Eruptor frozen in ice. Master Eon arrived and soon explained to the Skylanders and Splinters about King Nefarion, the original owner of the Mask of Power. Suddenly, strange changes began to occur. Affected by Kaos's tampering with the past, Professor Splinters morphed into a servant of Kaos before the Skylanders' very eyes and Master Eon was forced to teleport him and his Skylanders back to the safety of his citadel.

After defeating Kaos and King Nefarion in the past, the Skylanders were able to restore order and Professor Splinters was returned to normal with no recollection of what happened.


  • When affected by the time change, Splinters' armor bears a resemblance to Krypt King's.
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