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Power Struggle is the premiere episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


The evil Strykore assigns Kaos and Dark Spyro to kidnap King Pen as part of a master plan to rule Skylands. Stealth Elf befriends Kaossandra.


Master Eon decides to put an end to all his secrecy as he reveals the truth about himself, Kaossandra, and Strykore. During a time before the Academy was established, a young Eon was in the process of studying the Magic Arts along with two other students, Kaossandra, and his twin brother, Strykore. Strykore's growing arrogance and lust for power led him to practice dark magic from illegal spell books in order to quickly become all powerful, corrupting him in the process. Strykore then vowed to destroy the Core of Light and rule the Skylands in eternal darkness, by splitting the Skylanders into those who wish to join his cause and those who oppose it. Eventually, Strykore is overpowered by Eon, but Eon is unable to finish off his brother. Kaossandra decides that Strykore be imprisoned in a dimension but has to constantly stabilize the dimension with her magic, sacrificing her purity as it forces her to give in to her evil ways. After this revelation, the Skylanders realize that if Strykore is Eon's brother, then Kaos would supposedly be his nephew. While Eon makes preparations, he tasks Team Spyro to escort their new ally in the fight, Kaossandra to her quarters, despite their distrust.

Meanwhile, Strykore calls in Kaos and the now, Dark Spyro to his chambers as he discusses the plan of destroying the Core of Light. To destroy it, Strykore must acquire a powerful relic, the Iron Fist, located at the Lost Island of Arkus. Knowledge of its location is a tightly guarded secret, but is entrusted by one person, King Pen. Strykore puts Dark Spyro on the mission to abduct King Pen for interrogation, but Kaos begs for Strykore to allow him to join in, and Strykore frustratingly gives him permission. When they arrive at King Pen's location, Kaos believes it will be an easy fight since King Pen has blindfolded himself, claiming to be more effective without sight. Kaos and Dark Spyro are easily outmatched, but King Pen is knocked out when he hits his head on a block of ice, leading to his capture.

Stealth Elf decides to help out Kaossandra be integral to the Skylanders due to the absence of her powers. She puts Kaossandra in different ways to bring back her powers but all fails to bear fruit. Shortly after, Elf pays a visit to her teammates where they have decided to confront Eon and ask him to not let Kaossandra join them. Stealth Elf objects as she views Kaossandra still vital to their cause but falls on deaf ears. They are interrupted when Master Eon informs them of King Pen's capture by Strykore. Fortunately, King Pen's location can be traced by a device so Eon has the Skylanders rescue him, reluctantly with Kaossandra. When they find the castle, Stealth Elf begins creating a plan of rescue but realizes Kaossandra suddenly missing, which Eruptor confirms as Kaossandra still being evil.

Strykore tasks the interrogation to Dark Spyro but Kaos again begs Strykore to lead it instead. Kaos uses his powers to force him to cooperate but fails. Strykore then has Dark Spyro take the lead, despite Kaos believing King Pen won't break. But Dark Spyro's method proves effective, and King Pen reveals that to find Arkus, Strykore must acquire a map that his ancestors kept hidden within the walls of the Skylanders Academy. With this information, Strykore orders Dark Spyro to return to the academy, under the guise of a double agent, by claiming to have escaped Malefor's clutches and regain the full trust of his teammates in order to scour the Academy for the map. The Skylanders, meanwhile, begin their assault on the castle. Dark Spyro is forced to leave early in order to keep his loyalties to Strykore hidden.

A conflict breaks out between the Skylanders, Strykore and Kaos. The Skylanders proved to be outmatched and are cornered by Strykore, who begins to finish them all with his magic. However, Kaossandra jumps in and narrowly manages to block his powers with a shield. This gives time for the Skylanders to evacuate King Pen and escape. Kaos tries to stop them, but is halted by her mother's pleas to change his ways. Kaos initially refuses, stilll unable to forgive her mother's betrayal of lying about his origins. Kaos then strikes her with his magic, where an explosion erupts that seems to have finished Kaossandra. In reality, she manages to escape unharmed. Despite King Pen's escape, Strykore dismisses the setback as he still got what he needed and complements Kaos for his help but still refuses to respect his son at all.

At the Academy, King Pen recovers while discussing Eon that Strykore seeks the island of Arkus, and that Strykore and Kaos had help from an unknown but somehow familiar servant. Despite not fully trusting Kaossandra, Eruptor admits that Kaossandra proved to be not on the side of evil after all and apologizes. With King Pen rescued, Master Eon prioritizes the search for Spyro to the Skylanders. Fortunately, their trouble of searching is aborted, as Dark Spyro, under the guise of the regular Spyro persona, reveals himself by flying back and landing into the Academy, rejoining the team.

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  • Eon reveals that Strykore was his twin brother.
  • Kaossandra was revealed to have turned evil as a side effect of using dark magic to banish Strykore.
  • Strykore learns of the existence and location of the map to Arkus.
  • Dark Spyro goes to Skylanders Academy to begin his infiltration.


Power Struggle Strykore Kaossandra and cameos

Strykore and Kaossandra in battle during the flashback (note that Wash Buckler, Captain Dreadbeard, Eye Brawl and Swarm make cameos)

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