Potions are materials created by Pop Fizz, that increase the experience points of characters in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Red Potions are used only for Skylanders while Blue Potions are used only for villains, and in the Reboot Upgrade, powering up the Portal Master's stat bonuses. Red Potions can be found randomly around the Shattered Islands, while Blue Potions are found in the Meditating Woodland and the Mirage Tower.


Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

(Gold, Gems, Wish Stones, Energy, Gears, Arena Medals, Guild Medals, Episode Dungeon Stones, Magic Dust)

Potions - Ethers - Enchant Scrolls - Superboost Keys
Upgrade Stones - Equipment - Evolution Splendor - Feather Pens
Awakening Stones - Imaginite - Summon Tickets
Removed Items:
Runes - Elemental Ores - Soul Stones - Elemental Cubes
Upgrade Elixirs - Omni-stones

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