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“I'll just use the same test subject I always do -- me!”
    —Pop Fizz, Pop Rocks

Pop Fizz is one of the main characters of the spin-off television series, Skylanders Academy. He is one of the professors at Skylanders Academy.



Pop Fizz is unstable and easily distracted, but kind. However, he isn't afraid of speaking his mind and is unconcerned with what other people think of him, and will do actions or search for things of his interest without hesitating. Despite his role as a professor and Skylander, he has no qualms about cheating or messing with belongings that aren't his.

As seen in Season 2, Pop Fizz is a much more popular professor than Jet-Vac, as he helps his students with difficult subjects even out of class, and allows them to take tests multiple times if needed. Because of this, he is highly sought after for assignments with seniors.


What do you get when you mix one part gremlin, one part mad scientist, and two parts crazy? From the sounds of it, one nasty concoction. But also Pop Fizz, the Skylanders' resident alchemist! Pop Fizz is the very definition of a "wild card," a madcap mixer of magical potions who likes to test his creations on himself —without bothering to remember what’s in them. Was he born with blue skin, spiky hair, and a reckless, bonkers personality, or were those just side effects of one of his elixirs? Guess we’ll never know! On the plus side, Pop Fizz always has a potion for any given situation, whether it’s to turn invisible, transform into a bloodthirsty rage monster, or cure a bad case of the hiccups. Just remember, he’ll need to test it out first...


Before using them for heroic efforts, Pop Fizz used concoctions to play music, as well as playing the tuba. However, after being recruited as a Skylander, he can mix them to attack, change his appearance, enhance his teammates' capabilities or create cures, though as of Season 2 the full extent of his abilities is unknown. He also carries around a bagpipe made out of multiple instruments, including a horn and tuba, that can be played to counteract other musical spells such as Wolfgang's.



Before his days as a Skylander, over 20 years before the events of the show, Pop Fizz was in a music band with Wolfgang called "Pop and the Gang". However the two had a fallout when Wolfgang's ego corrupted him, leading the werewolf to commit terrible deeds using his hypnotic music. Pop Fizz left the band afterwards, later becoming a Skylander and a professor at Skylanders Academy.

Unknown to Eruptor, Spyro and Stealth Elf, Pop Fizz had been living under their house for some time.

Season 1

In Skylanders Unite!, Pop Fizz was one of the partygoers invited to Spyro's premature graduation party at the Team Spyro Home. He was later present during the Skylander graduation when Kaos snagged The Book of Skylanders, dodged their attacks and used his magic to freeze the book solid, immobolizing all Skylanders that were sketched within its pages. After Spyro defrosted the Book, the Skylanders, Pop Fizz, and Master Eon were freed, allowing them to defeat Kaos and throw him and Glumshanks out of Skylander Academy.

In My Way or the Sky Way, he assists Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor and Jet-Vac on a mission, failing their mission due to the Sky Baron's stubborn planning. After the other professor's attitude was solved, however, Pop Fizz revealed his location at the Team Spyro Home's basement by jumping out of it to eat the four's food, and Team Spyro was formed.

In Missing Links, the professor and the rest of Team Spyro repeatedly attempted the Fire Viper Training Simulation, but set a record for failure when one of his potions reacted suddenly and trapped the group in green foam. After a quick discussion at the Thinking Spot, the group and Eon accepted to call in King Pen to both solve their teamwork issues and relocate the Core of Light after Kaos disocvered it, and the penguin brought in a Creation Crystal for the Skylander team to use.

When Team Spyro touched it, they were transported into the Imaginite crystal's realm to imagine their temporary teammate's appearance and powers. Pop Fizz, however, absent-mindedly started the process by giving the Imaginator a banana head, forcing the others to complete it, and thus, Cy was built. While the Skylanders played around with their new ally, King Pen explained Cy's ability to learn other powers quickly, before leaving the group to their own devices with Eon.

Season 2

Season 3



Stealth Elf


Pop Fizz and Wolfgang were once good friends in their band "Pop and the Gang". When Wolfgang began using his music for evil, Pop Fizz broke all ties with his former friend and started hating the Doom Raider ever since. In a sharp contrast of his personality, Pop Fizz mood changes entirely when Wolfgang is the subject.


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  • Pop Fizz is one of the few characters to have kept his original voice actor from the games.
  • In Pop Rocks, Pop Fizz said he was friends with the Bowling Scones and Jimi Matrix, who are parodies of the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. He also broke the fourth wall by saying "other band names that are protected under First Amendment parody rights".
  • He also wears a sousaphone that could be a reference to Big Bubble Pop Fizz.
  • In Dream Girls, he says he had an annoying cousin named Mark.
  • His fur is closer in color to his beast mode from the games, being a darker shade of blue.
  • Pop Fizz, unlike his game counterpart, has mild Strabismus, with his left eye moved slightly to the right compared to his right eye, that focuses accurately where he looks. Pictures of his time as a cadet don't appear to have this condition, implying the eye misaligned during his time as a Skylander.
  • In the episode One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest as Team Spyro along with Master Eon were separated and quarantined, Pop Fizz suffered a panic attack at the thought being trapped with the other characters, implying that he suffers from claustrophobia.
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