The Platinum Sheep is a silver sheep statue that serves as a magic item in the Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack. When placed on the Portal of Power, it will turn the Skylander into a Sheep for a short period of time. Enemies will not attack you in sheep form.

In lore, the Platinum Sheep is a monument to the legendary sheep named Baaa-la the Fluffy. Sheep from all over will gather when the Platinum Sheep appears in the hopes that it will turn their wool into cotton candy.



  • This is the second magic item to contain healing powers while the Healing Elixir is the first.
  • Despite turning you into a sheep, it will not protect you from the Eye in the Sky bots in Kaos' Fortress.
  • A glitch can cause the Skylander and the sheep to overlap each other, creating "sheep pants". The Skylander is still ignored and healed.
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