Pirate Powderkegs are pirate-based Evilized Greebles in Skylanders: Swap Force that fire cannon balls from the makeshift cannons that they carry. They appeared in the western areas of the Cloudbreak Islands such as Iron Jaw Gulch. They share the same attack patterns as the Greeble Blunderbusses.

Battlecast Abilities

In Skylanders: Battlecast, Pirate Powderkegs make up the main forces of Chill Bill's army in the Water Realm. They are explosive enemies as the lay Platter Bombs and even Hit The Deck when they drop their payload.

Pirate Powderkegs are reckless forces because they can deal damage to their own teammates, as well as themselves. However, in the correct circumstances, they can be dangerous.

Platter Bomb Hit The Deck - Special Ability
Platter Bombcard

Common (Unobtainable)
Blast every other character for 60 damage.

Hit The Deck - Special Abilitycard

Common (Unobtainable)
Blast every character for 10 damage.

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