“Excellent! A Skylander! Fun, fun, fun! I knew starting my arena business near an "all-knowing" Oracle was sure to attract all sorts of riff-raff. You've come a long way, but alas, the fun stops here!”

Pipsqueak is a Cyclops monarch who appeared in Skylanders: Giants. He is the nephew of some high-ups in the Cyclops government.[1]


Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen

Pipsqueak is the king and husband of the hideous Cyclops Queen in Tempest Towers, but is notable for being allergic to everything. When Kaos came to the Cyclops city for the Land Whale said to be the Air segment to the Mask of Power, the Cyclopses battled against Kaos's Drow army, resulting in Pipsqueak being turned into a pot of petunias by a Drow Witch. Fearing for his life, Pipsqueak was forced to reveal the password to the door leading to where the Land Whale was being held. After the Skylanders took away the tower that was the real Air segment, and taking all of the Queen's collection of animals with them, Pipsqueak was more than happy to see them go as the animals had greatly irritated his sinuses.

Skylanders: Giants

Pipsqueak had heard stories of The Oracle and decided to take over Molekin Mountain to draw in attention, sending an army of enemies to invade the mountain and terrorize its Molekin inhabitants. His bodyguard is a Shadow Duke that fights in his place after he challenges the Skylander when Pipsqueak himself was too weak to continue to battle after the first hit. After his Shadow Duke bodyguard was defeated, Pipsqueak fled the arena, screaming as he does so.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Pipsqueak is involved in the Skaletones Showdown.


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