The Petrified Darkness is a type of crystallized darkness in Skylanders: Swap Force that was used by Kaos to evilize any living creature into an evil version of their former selves. Fragments of the evilized crystals were used by Kaos, with the Evilizer or his Crystal Master minions, to increase the number of his army over his conquest on the Cloudbreak Islands.


The magic effects of the Petrified Darkness will turn the victim into a dark, crystal-like version of their former self. The evilized victim is turned evil and enraged, and hold no memory of their life prior to the transformation. They serve only the forces of evil and do so willingly. The transformation also grants them powerful, yet unusual dark abilities. Only defeating the evilized victim will they return to their normal state.



In the past, crystal fragments of Petrified Darkness were dangerous materials used to power Arkeyan battle suits.

In the modern time, Kaos had discovered the Petrified Darkness and plotted to stage a coup against Skylands. Luckily a team of Skylanders arrived to stop Kaos, and during the fight, Kaos' lair exploded, releasing a cloud of pure Darkness. The Skylanders knew they couldn't let it escape, so they absorbed this energy, which transformed them into dark versions of themselves. Spyro, having tamed the very same darkness within him long ago, helped the team of Skylanders control the Darkness inside of them, allowing them to use it in their fight against Kaos and his evil forces.

Skylanders: Swap Force

Kaos used the Petrified Darkness in its crystal form to evilize and strengthen his army. He planned on evilizing one of the Ancient Elementals of the Cloudbreak Islands so that when they perform the ritual atop Mount Cloudbreak to replenish magic across Skylands, it will instead spread and bring about an age of Darkness, allowing Kaos to rule. This plan was prevented by the Skylanders, and Kaos later attempted to use the Petrified Darkness to evilize the volcano itself when the Elementals were preparing to perform their ritual. Despite being transformed into a giant, evilized version of himself, Kaos was defeated by the Skylanders and the Petrified Darkness crystals were destroyed just in time.

List of Evilized Enemies


  • Evilizer Crystals generated from the Petrified Darkness serve as weak point for certain enemies, such as the Fire VipersEvilized Boghogs and Snowrollers.
  • Elements such as Fire can be evilized.
  • It slightly resembles Jerktonium, a fictional element from SpongeBob SquarePants, and PX-41, a serum from Despicable Me 2, where in addition to making things evil and scary, it also makes them purple.
  • It also strongly resembles Demonite Ore from the game Terraria.
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