“Ready for another magical upgrade?”

Persephone is a Fairy Queen who helps the Skylanders by providing them with upgrades in most of the console versions of Skylanders.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Once the Skylander meets her in Sky Schooner Docks, she will return to the Ruins where she sets up her Upgrade shop. Players can earn up to 20% off the cost of character upgrades by finding Winged Sapphires hidden around the Ruins.

Skylanders: Giants

Persephone appeared in the sequel to Spyro's Adventure, continuing her role in offering the Skylanders to upgrade their abilites in exchange for treasure after stowing away on the Dread-Yacht. She has also improved her speech.

Skylanders: Swap Force

3DS version 

Persephone along with the other fairies are in charge of providing the trees of the Ancient Woods nourishment. During the story events of the game, she and her sisters were captured by Count Moneybone to power his machines but were eventually freed by the Skylanders. After saving the Ancient Woods, Persephone went to Boom Town.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Persephone returns to provide her magic in upgrading the Skylanders. She has set up her house at the Skylanders Academy, and can be found in levels for the Skylanders to upgrade.

In the Mirror of Mystery realm, she is an evil fairy who loathes Skylanders, and uses her magic to create Mabu super soldiers.

Return of the Dragon King

Persephone helped Spyro and Hex to discover the cause of their power loss with her magic, and found out that they were stolen by another fairy named Calliope.

During Malefor's attack on the Skylanders Academy, Persephone spotted Calliope hiding amist the crowd of spectators and scolded the fairy for misusing her magic to help Malefor. The Fairy Queen then persuaded Calliope that it wasn't too late to do the right thing, which resulted in Calliope aiding the Skylanders in defeating Malefor.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Persephone returns to grant upgrades to the Skylanders in the Academy, though her house is now nowhere to be seen - possibly split off from the island during the attack in Rift into Overdrive like many other parts of it. Though she has no new role in the story, Persephone now wears a purple dress.



  • In the 3DS version of Swap Force, Persephone went back to speaking in her original fairy language. She also prefers dancing and playing than doing upgrades.
    • Persephone's odd euphemisms might be a reference to the Orz in Star Control II, another series from Toys For Bob. The species could not be accurately translated, resulting in some words to sound inviting or goofy though they meant violent or unknown concepts. However, Persephone's strange words appear to be much broader concepts,such as "dancing" being used in place of most verbs, "happy" being used for good things, or "unhappy" for unpleasant ones.
    • She is also the only fairy in the series to use these euphemisms; her "fairy sisters" of Ancient Wood never talk to the Skylander, while Calliope and Marsha speak normal english.
  • Her role in providing Skylanders upgrades is replaced by Power Pods in Skylanders: Swap Force.
  • Her name is based on the goddess of spring from greek mythology, Persephone.
  • She, Lightning Rod and the Leviathan are the only characters who are based on Greek Mythology.
  • She resembles Crysta from FernGully, and Musa from Winx Club.
  • She is voiced by Laura Bailey, who also voices Ninjini.
  • In Trap Team, some villians comment about her:
    • Hood Sickle wonders if Persephone would consider a date with him.
    • Brawl & Chain wonders that if it was possible for villians to get upgrades (which is not possible), he would ask to get an upgrade that will give him hands.
    • Masker Mind wonders how Persephone casts upgrades.
    • Dreamcatcher mentions having been friends with her in the past before she "went all goody-goody", though it's not explained further.
  • In Imaginators, though she can be talked to like in other games from upgrades, the upgrade screen can be acessed at any moment through the stat menu. Oddly, though she has her Superchargers outfit in person, she has her Trap Team artwork and outfit in the menu.
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