“And now presenting, that prince of pontification, the sultan of swagger, the reigning hoopla of all hucksters... ME! PANDERGAST!”

Pandergast, also known as Pandergast the Magnificent, is an infamous race promoter who appeared in Skylanders: SuperChargers. He is the host of the Skylands Speedway, the Ridepocalypse Demo Derby, and other racing events. For Pandergast's Ridepocalypse Demo Derby, the Skylanders had to compete against Dread Roller, Turbo Teeth, and Wreck O' Saurus in order to free Glumshanks after he was given to Pandergast by The Darkness.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, Pandergast is the host of the Racelandia racing event, promising first place the grand prize; the Snow Globe of Destiny a magical orb which grants one wish.

Pandergast reappears in Skylanders: Imaginators in hologram form to host the game's Racing Mode.


  • "What's that? No wheels? Oh, I'd never! Good thing I like you!" - Upon providing the rental vehicle Clunker
  • "I heard you don't have any wheels. That's too bad... Good thing you know me, and I'm such a generous guy!"
  • "What's this? You don't have your own boat?" - Upon providing the rental vehicle Blunder Bucket
  • "Her velvet touch makes her a fierce opponent! Can YOU steal the show?" - About Mesmeralda
  • "He is a champion and a fierce racer! Let's see if you can outmatch him!" - About Spellslamzer
  • "Get your sailing straight, this old sea dog will NOT get wiped out easily!" - About Captain Frightbeard
  • "Will YOU take this glittering, 24-karat, royal racer off her throne?" - About the Golden Queen
  • "He is the king of all that flies, so let's see if YOU can overthrow him!" - About Lord Stratosfear
  • "Let's see if you can cut down his appetite for speed!" - About Chef Pepper Jack
  • "You'll need to do more than just flap your wings to knock down this fiendish fowl!" - About Cap'n Cluck
  • "He is the greatest rocker to ever rev his engine! Can you take him down a notch?" - About Wolfgang
  • "Let's see if you can bring his unstoppable tank to a halt!" - About Glumshanks
  • "Two heads against one! Let's see if you can hold your own!" - About Chompy Mage
  • "He is the fiercest driver to ever roll this land! Do YOU have what it takes to bring him down?" - About Dragon Hunter
  • "Will YOU bring this classy chassis down from his pedestal?" - About Count Moneybone
  • "Stop shooting my beautiful airship!" - After getting hit by a downed Evilized Greeble
  • "MY AIRSHIP!!"
  • "Hey, watch the zeppelin!"


Pandergast's element symbol.

  • According to Sharpfin, Pandergast is one of his less upstanding associates from his old days.
  • Even though his Skystone states he is in the Dark element, Pandergast has his own symbol in SuperChargers Racing. The symbol resembles his hat and is used for the two playable Pandergast vehicles, the Clunker and the Blunder Bucket.
  • In SuperChargers Racing, Pandergast is heavily advertised as the main antagonist. This is not the case in the final game, as he is merely a neutral character.
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