“Welcome race fans to the Pandercastle Waterpark. A twisty, turny water-coaster with more heart-stopping, fear-topping, wave crashing action than you can shake a propeller at. So let's dive right in, shall we?”

Pandercastle Waterpark is the final sea race track in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. Like the other Pandercastle tracks, it is based on an amusement park - in this case, a giant water slide. The track features lots of ups and downs, and plenty of different pathways and boost pads for the player to take. In reality, the track is more or less 2 straight lines with just a few criss-cross sections, making it an ideal track for high-speed drivers and vehicles.

Event Challenges

  • Splendiferous Tour
    • Race
  • Magnificent Tour
    • Ghost Race
      • Life Vehicle Gate
    • Danger Zone
  • Nefarious Tour
    • Mirror Race

See also

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