“Welcome race fans to the grand opening event, here at the Pandercastle Skyride! You know, they said I was crazy to race airplanes inside of a castle, but I said I wasn't the one doing the racing! Besides, it makes a spectacular show, so start your engines!”

Pandercastle Skyride is the first sky race track and the first level in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, kicking off the game and the Glorious Tour. As Pandergast's opening quotes suggest, the race is held inside a castle - presumably Pandergast's - featuring several amusement park attractions, such as a merry-go-round and a Ferris Wheel to act as obstacles to impede on the player's progress.

The track is also home to the games final boss against Kaos, where the villain steals Pandergast's blimp and uses it to attack the Skylander.

Event Challenges

  • Glorious Tour
    • Race
    • Ghost Race
      • Undead Vehicle Gate
  • Marvelous Tour
  • Splendiferous Tour
    • Afterburner Mastery
  • Magnificent Tour
    • Battle Chase - Kaos
  • Wicked Tour
    • Mirror Race
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