“Welcome racers to Pandercastle Raceway! Some of these rides may be a bit unsafe, and their operators slightly crazy. But, if you are looking for a rip-roaring good time, you've come to the right place.”

Pandercastle Raceway is the fourth land race track from Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, making its debut appearance at the end of the Marvelous Tour. The track is built upon an amusement park, featuring attractions including dodge-'em cars, a rollercoaster and a Ferris wheel. The track is long and complicated, featuring multiple paths and short-cuts to take and several turns.

While there are no clear obstacles, the main threat for this track is falling off of the rollercoaster, since there are only a few guard barriers. Because of how many turns there are, this track is best suited to vehicles and drivers that drift well.

Event Challenges

  • Marvelous Tour
    • Race
  • Splendiferous Tour
  • Magnificent Tour
  • Malevolent Tour
    • Mirror Race
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