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“The almighty whale is here!" "No surprise, Ms. Whale!”
    —Ring of Heroes

Oscar is the Water Portal Master in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. He is the Gentleman from the Ocean.


Gentleman is the perfect word to describe Oscar. He’s always considerate and courteous to school friends. But no one’s perfect. Oscar is not good at saying kind words. Oscar tried to overcome this a few times, but soon gave up and remained silent. People around him are afraid of Oscar’s gentlemanly behavior because he’s so quiet. Naturally, Oscar had no choice but to be more and more passive.

But Oscar’s positive energy, which was a little bit unfortunate, blooms its talent in Skylands. The energy from Oscar’s pure attitude, being kind to men and women of all ages, has responded with the long-standing power that holds up Skylands. This positive energy, empowered by the power of Skylands, has the shape of a whale and calls itself “Ms. Whale” and acts in its own will, and actively expresses Oscar’s mind in a loud voice. Of course, sometimes it’s a little too much, and Oscar is often embarrassed.

But Oscar and Ms. Whale are unbeatable in the battles against villains. Ms. Whale supports fellow Skylanders with the power of recovery. It is true that Ms. Whale acts on her own will, but without Oscar’s pure and innocent mind, Ms. Whale’s energy-rich activities would not have been possible. Fellow Skylanders also watch their relationship with interest. They start smiling when they see Ms. Whale’s shameless energy and Oscar’s blushing face.


Oscar can heal his Skylanders 30% of their maximum health with the help of Ms. Whale. His elemental specialty is Water.


Blessing of Ocean (Active)

[All Allies]
Recovers all allies by 30% of each target's MAX HP and recovers the Endurance by 2.

Mana cost: 0
Cooldown: 0

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