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“Would you believe it? Trolls have captured all the sheep in this region and locked them up in pens! Trolls are such jerks. But that's all the more reason for you to take them out and lead each of these sheep to freedom. Do this as quickly as you can! Those poor sheep are hungry!”

Operation: Sheep Freedom is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure that is unlocked by Boomer. It uses the map of the Battlefield and requires seven sheep pens to be destroyed and the sheep to be led to food in under two minutes and thirty seconds.

Seven sheep pens, guarded by various Troll enemies, must be torn open by attacking their wooden fences. The large area in the left of the map is occupied by large plants and is guarded by gates on all sides. After destroying all seven sheep pens, the Skylander is prompted to "lead the sheep to freedom" by leading them into the aforementioned left portion of the map. Once a sheep is near one of the plants, it will immediately begin to eat off of it; when one of the plants is eaten at least halfway, the Challenge is completed.



  • After the Challenge has been completed, if the player chooses to play another Heroic Challenge, the sheep will continue to eat the plants while the Select Challenge menu is running.
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