One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest is the eighth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


Eon comes to the team house to lead training, but the house is quarantined and everyone ends up getting sick.


A hostile Arkeyan Robot is about to attack an innocent Mabu father and son. Master Eon arrives to their rescue but he is easily subdued by the Arkeyan Robot and flees the scene. As a result, Eon realizes that he is lacking skill in combat so he decides to train with Team Spyro outside of their home. When the Skylanders assemble, Eon is suddenly developing a flu but reassures the team that he is still healthy. However, the Contagious Disease Agency (CDA) quarantines their entire isle when they detected Master Eon's flu to be highly contagious, effectively isolating them from the rest of Skylands until the flu is gone. Master Eon suspects that one of the Skylanders gave him the flu but the team suggest otherwise. Nonetheless, the Skylanders need to distance themselves from Eon's flu as much as possible and so Elf has Master Eon distracted by getting him to contact Hugo into assembling the Academy's finest cadets as the B team.

Meanwhile, Kaos and Glumshanks enter a pet show competition in an attempt to steal the finest pet as a gift for Kaossandra's birthday. He chooses to steal a four-headed Hydra, owned by Claire.

Team Spyro have been doing their best to avoid Master Eon all day as he persistently searches the house for them. They are finally caught when Eruptor inadvertently breaks a spell bottle that reverts them back into being visible in front of Master Eon. Eventually, the Skylanders have been infected and decide to wait it out. Spyro seizes the opportunity in asking Master Eon's involvement in the Great War. But when Spyro asks whether his dragon kind were there, Eon excuses himself in the kitchen. This has Spyro convinced that Master Eon is withholding him information he needs on his ancestors and persists on questioning the old wizard.

Kaos begins plans into getting the Hydra away from Claire. However, he discovers that Golden Queen is the judge of the competition. Though Golden Queen has no intention of getting revenge on Kaos, she disqualifies Kaos's "pet" Glumshanks as the event does not allow trolls and so Bomb Shell wins the contest. While the crowd cheers, Kaos seizes the Hydra from Claire and he and Glumshanks fly away towards Kaossandra's Castle. Unbeknownst to Kaos however, the Hydra has a hidden tracking chip installed by Claire and so Golden Queen offers her service in "retrieving" back the pet, when in reality she will use it to pinpoint the castle.

Spyro finally accuses Master Eon that he is keeping the truth about his ancestors from him but Master Eon is adamant that he has no knowledge about it. In a sure attempt to get him to confess, Spyro challenges Master Eon to a fight, not only just to "practice", but for Eon to answer any question Spyro has if he wins or for Spyro to finally cease all questions about his ancestors if he loses. Eon accepts, regardless of both of them being seriously ill. They commence their fight at the front lawn though performing poorly due to their sickness.The Skylanders are awoken from their battle, and Eon tries to reassure the team that it's only training. Spyro tries to counter Master Eon, but Eon's powers have him pinned down. Spyro still tries to demand the truth from Master Eon, but the wizard firmly demands that the dragon submit, and so Spyro calls defeat. When asked if he had won, Eon simply replies that Spyro never had the chance, and leaves the scene.

Afterwards, Spyro lives up to his promise that he'll no longer be pestering Master Eon with his ancestry but instead he commits himself into finding the truth about his ancestors alone no matter what. The Skylanders then realize that they're all healthy again, and shortly after, the dome isolating them disappears. Ka-Boom arrives to inform them that they're all free to roam again and that the virus has originated from someone with super speed, namely, Stealth Elf. This confirms Master Eon suspicions, explaining that she infected Eon yesterday during their meeting and that the virus only surfaced the day after, but thanks to Stealth Elf's supersonic metabolism the cold quickly wore off.

Stealth Elf apologizes for being the source of the flu but Eon is only relieved now that all of them are healthy again so that they can finally commence their training. Eon notices that Spyro is visibly uninterested with the practice after his earlier defeat, so he asks whether Spyro still wants to join. Not wanting to disappoint his friends, Spyro assures his participation. They are suddenly interrupted from a phone call from Hugo, asking if Eon's absence will be over soon and requests him to summon the Skylanders as he holds on dearly on a Sky isle while a sheep is about to make him fall.

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  • B Team is assembled, if momentarily.
  • Kaos steals the Hydra from Claire.
  • Spyro attempts to get Master Eon to tell him everything about his ancestors, but fails and is forced to not ask about the subject again.


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